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This is something that I have come to realize over the years as a Recorder Player, and that I wish I knew when starting out. When learning how to play this wonderful instrument, there are three (3) aspects of recorder playing you need to work on to get you not only playing, but playing right.

A video is attached to this to guide you through the 3 aspects of recorder playing and I will be posting an article and video per aspect;

Breathing/blowing When Playing A Recorder

The Recorder being a wind instrument, breathing/blowing is obviously an important aspect of playing the instrument. One thing to note here is that the breathing techniques you employ with the recorder is the same as the breathing techniques in singing; the diaphragmatic breathing (in other words, that type of breathing where the belly pops out when breathing in, not your chest).

Proper Way of Blowing Air into the Recorder

Also, the air blown into the recorder must straight and steady (to prevent unintentional vibratos and bendy single notes). Using your tongue as a gate to block and release air with an airy “too” helps with this.

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Furthermore, lower notes are played accurately by blowing a steady stream of “warm” air, while higher notes (requiring the thumb hole be half-covered) are played accurately by blowing a steady stream of “cool” air.

There is so much more about breathing when playing the Recorder. You can get it from the 2-part video below;

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Watch the part 2 below;

What is your thought on the 3 aspects of Recorder Playing? Drop your comments below.

  1. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    My coach!!🤗🙏🙏🙏Wow!! Thanks Soo much. This is so helpful!

  2. Chacha Vocals 3 years ago

    @abia Welldone boss. This is really helpful.

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