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Are you a singer who has never performed on the stage? A singer who is only used to singing in the closet? Did you get a huge deal to perform before a crowd or did someone invite you to perform at that concert?

You know you sound great but you are worried about what to get in order to achieve a great performance? Now this is for you. I’ll share 7 tips and tricks which are must-haves to get ready before going for that great performance.

Music is the combination and organization of different sounds that is pleasant to the ear. That is, it’s not necessarily going to be about your sound alone but the combination of other sounds with yours. Do not forget that no one can read your mind so they can’t determine what you want them to do on stage and this is why you need to get these things done before going for that performance or show.

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7 Must-Haves for Good Music Performance

Trust me if you practice these points below you are sure to always have a good performance and leave your audience hungry for more.

1. Get a musically inclined person to Access you

This person has to be musically knowledgeable and familiar with musical instruments, sounds, pitch precision and experienced with handling or accessing a good performance. If you already possess these characteristics or you could not find someone you may leave out this option and skip to the next option.

2. Record Your Rehearsals and be your own Critic

Use a recording device to record your rehearsals. Since you cannot get a musically inclined person to criticize your work. Listen to yourself. Mark out areas in which you need to work on. Strive for perfection.

3. Get Good Backup Singers

Look for the best of the best. Get a back up singer with good aural skills. One whose ears are quick to pick out their vocal parts to your song. They should also have a strong sense of singing their lines without mistakes. You may want to read this article on How To Become a Better Backup Singer.

4. Get Good Instrumentalists

Music Instrument players such as drummers, pianist, bassists, saxophonists, guitarists, etc. are also very important to get while preparing for an outstanding performance. As an artist, the best thing you can do is have your own instrumentalists and back up singers whom you work with regularly. These Instrumentalists should be skillful and must have practiced with you. Get them before hand and rehearse your music. Don’t depend on spontaneous performances with an Instrumentalists because they are said to be good. Get them and rehearse with them to ensure that you create a musical blend.

5. Get Studio/Rehearsal Venue

There is need for a place for your rehearsals and I’ll suggest you choose a live studio because of the sound quality, you’ll get the best for your rehearsal in a studio session and there are several studios in Lagos such as GPK Studio, One House Studio, Azusa Studio, Vital Studio, etc. Nevertheless if you can’t afford a studio session then get a place you can use for rehearsal because you must rehearse, that’s where you, your backups and your Instrumentalists meet to combine their sounds and blend .

6. Get a Rehearsal Routine

Like I said in number 5, it is important to rehearse. Having all the above isn’t complete without a rehearsal. As an artist and musician, rehearsal prepares you for the job at hand. It is through rehearsals you’ll be able to determine the convenient key for you and your back ups, arrange intros, interludes, etc. split parts for the singers, create harmonies among many other things. Rehearsal is key and very important for you and your band as an artist. Work out how you want the rehearsal to go. It must be mapped out in such a way that you achieve so much . Make sure you have a routine written for your rehearsals.

Don’t forget to get your critic in option one to attend your rehearsals so that you can have quality rehearsals.

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7. Get to Pray

Well if you are a gospel artist I don’t need to tell you to pray. You should know that prayer is mandatory. I am saying prayer because humans can get to a point where they feel they know it all and have what it takes so they may think they don’t need God.

Having extreme knowledge of music is not the guarantee for good performance. The God factor can’t be overemphasized and it can’t be done without, don’t be like the man who feels he doesn’t need God.

Endeavor to pray before you start your rehearsal, after your rehearsal, before performance, after performance.

Please drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I’ll love to hear from you on how this has helped your next performance.

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