Do you know that you have a lot to gain when you play music alongside other musicians? You might have taken this for granted for some time. Now is the time to really sit down to consider the benefits you’ll derive by performing music with other musicians. You’ll gain musical and extra musical benefits. Do sit down, relax as you learn the 8 benefits of performing with other musicians.

Lest I forget, performing with other musicians is called Ensemble performance. So, when you find yourself in a group, performing and rehearsing music together with other people, remember that you are in an ensemble. Such group may be either a choral or an instrumental ensemble.

8 Benefits You Stand to Gain in an Ensemble.

1. Discipline

As an ensemble performer, you will be more serious with your individual practice, pay very good attention to time management, amongst other forms of disciplines. For instance, there is a particular orchestra in Nigeria which will not let you in once you are fifteen (15) minutes late to the rehearsal. Some of you might consider this to be absurd! No, it is not. Promptness and time management skills might be your life savers later in life.

2. Teamwork

The ability to work effectively in a team is one of the skills many employers demand from potential employees. The good news is that you can gain this skill by simply joining an ensemble or performing alongside other musicians! For example, in ensembles, you’ll learn your roles in different pieces you’re learning/performing at a given time. There are sections where you are to play/sing and other sections where you’ll keep mute while others play/sing, etc. This may indirectly shape your people skills and the ability to deliver results alongside other people.

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3. Learning from Experience

Performing music with other musicians will make you to put the music theories you have learnt individually into practice. Concepts such as modulation, dynamics, accents, etc. will come alive, when you actualize them alongside other musicians. This way you will better appreciate more musical concepts.

4. Better Grasp of Rhythm and Time

In ensembles, you will have better grasp of time and rhythm. You will learn to keep to time because you wouldn’t want to lag behind. Anyone that does not play in strict time given by the conductor will be easily noticed. So, in case you have problem with musical time, being in an ensemble will make you sharpen your skill.

Also, in case there are specific rhythms that are challenging for you, then you can learn to execute those by listening to other (better) performers in your musical group.

5. Motivation to Stretch Yourself Beyond Capability

When you perform with other musicians, you will get the motivation you need to stretch yourself beyond your current capability. You will want to practice your parts even if you encounter sections that are quite tough because you will not want to disgrace yourself publicly.

6. Self-confidence

Being in an ensemble, you will gain self-confidence to perform in public. Your self- confidence would have been built as a result of constant public performances.

7. Sight reading skills may be reinforced

From personal observations, those with good sight-reading abilities are those who perform in company of other musicians. In Western classical music, performers with good sight- reading skills are in high demand. I believe you also want to be a choice performer. So, please do yourself a favour by joining a music group.

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8. Connections

Most music jobs are got through referrals. In ensembles, you have the golden opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other musicians. So, when there are jobs, you will be one of those that will stand the chances to be invited.

Hope you found this interesting? Take actions now and start performing with other musicians.

Feel free to ask questions and in case you have comments to make, I will be glad to receive them. Stay safe.

  1. Diran 3 years ago

    Great write up sir

  2. Olugbenga Aderibigbe 3 years ago

    There is a lot of takeaways here .
    I hope to read it over and over again for it to be fully digested.

  3. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    Wow. Great article. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks sir.

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