balanced musician

Who is a balanced musician?

The word ‘Balance’ according to the dictionary meaning:
* awareness of both viewpoints or matters; neutrality; rationality; objectivity.
* a state in which opposing forces harmonise; equilibrium.
* (support for both viewpoints) even-handedness, fairness, impartiality, neutrality, nonpartisanship.

As a musician, it’s not obligatory to remain on one side of the world, having little or no knowledge about what happens on the other end.

Qualities Of A Balanced Musician

1. The balanced musician doesn’t perform only one genre:
The balanced musician learns how every style of music performed in his locality should be. You get the balanced musician to perform on every genre and he relates well.

2. The balanced musician isn’t scared of challenging works:
Unlike the one-handed musician, the balanced musician doesn’t give excuses like …….’It’s not my kind of stuff’…… when a challenge confronts him. He takes it head on and savage it.

3. The balanced musician knows the cultural music of every nationality he/she finds him/herself:
He’s known for a classical player, but when he’s called to perform highlife or juju music, you hear the intonations and tonal inflection all sounds highlife or juju.

4. The balanced musician knows the theory and also the practical:
He’s called upon to explain the music he performed in general terms people from different parts of the world can understand and relate with, he does it well, irrespective of the genre he interpreted.

5. The balanced musician is always open to learning new:
He discovers something new and explores it, make researches, go a long way to learning it.

6. The balanced musician sings and also plays:
He majors in singing but also plays the keyboard and guitar.
He majors in Playing but also sings on point.

7. The balanced musician experiment new ideas.
He looks out for new inventions, he is innovative, he thinks out of the box, he tries to mix different genres in to one.

So, do you fit into all of the above qualities? Are you a balanced musician?

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