Dear singers, vocalist, musician or ministers, depending on what title you chose for yourself. This is actually for you. This is a letter to musicians.

One of the important things you must know early in your career or ministry is that, nothing is permanent. Changes will happen. It will over time.

People’s appetite for a particular form or style of music will not always remain the same. It is therefore imperative as a vocalist, singer, musician, instrumentalist, to be abreast with the times and be adequately prepared to adapt to the times.

There are three very important balances you need to create in your career or ministry, as the case applies. And I will be sharing them with you briefly. These balances are important because it makes you stay relevant and competitive in the ever growing and changing music industry.


Yes, I know you have a fantastic voice and you can do all the riffs and runs. I know you can hit those notes and scales on the instrument with ease. Unfortunately, you don’t even have the basic knowledge of music theory. If that is you, then you are a half-baked musician. Yes, you heard me. Please get to know music, at least be able to read a music sheet.


This applies more to singers. Knowing how to sing alone isn’t good enough. Most singers are usually comfortable with their ability to just sing to tunes from the instruments without being able to produce one themselves. Please get to know how to produce your own tunes. Learn a musical instrument. For a start, learn the piano.


I have seen those who are great at classicals but a wreck in contemporary music and vice-versa. There’s a need to create a balance. Have a flair for both genre. It won’t kill you, trust you. It gives you a competitive edge.

So there you go, start to create these balances and I can assure that you won’t regret it.


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