The 21st century education is about exploration, initiative, responsibility, leadership, creativity, cultural awareness, problem solving, Civic engagement, Communication, Productivity, Collaboration, Accountability and making your classroom as dynamic as the world around us. This is a message to music teachers all around the globe.

Creating innovative teaching ideas to engage students in the classroom is important, There’s always something to learn, let’s adapt to the learning of our students. When my student succeeds am also succeeding. Focus on adding value to peoples life.

Also in preparing them for the challenges of the future information is the key.

Find a new way to connect with the students and challenge them. Your role as a teacher is to facilitate. Keep learning, keep growing add new dimension in your personality.

Invest money in training don’t focus on cramming techniques explain the concept for students. As a teacher we have a great role to play out of all professions, teaching is an excellent profession as far as I am concerned one small appreciation can change students life.

As teachers, we have an important role to play with building Nation.

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Upgrade your skills and knowledge to today demands; a progressive teacher is one who grows with the students. You must be ready to learn and improve your teaching, don’t be afraid to be different. You don’t expect students to come to your level try to accommodate them and adapt to their learning and teaching challenges your students. Government should pay attention to Education and our syllabus in addition with curriculum should prepare our students for the future challenge and meet up to international standard likewise reflect on Nigeria child

Shift in Learning for Music Teachers


Critical Thinking





Digital comprehensive skills,
information literacy (fact, figures, statistics and Data)


Flexibility, Leadership motivates a team to accomplish a goal. Initiative (starting project, strategies and planning) Doing lots of research and investing more in professional development and books is key. Believe in your students more that they believe in themselves.

Teaching is about touching pupils heart and soul

-Babatunde Shosanya

As a teacher we should allow our students to explore their passion. The progress of my students is very important to me.When we teach music, we should integrate three components, creating, performing and listening in every lesson.

Basic skills in piano playing and have in depth knowledge of singing. Mastery of the subject both in practical and theory. Different teaching devices. Use of language and communication skills. To Become a teacher you must be tolerant, kind, cheerful, impartial, friendly, approachable, sense of humor, You must have the gift of leadership.

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Basic skills such as counting, concentration, listening, self-discipline and cooperation.

Music education is a field of study associate with teaching and learning.

Teaching music should always be a joy. Hungry for knowledge, invest your time and money in your professional development. The greatest teacher is great learners and learning is a lifelong activity. Have the courage to try out new ideas. If you really want to become a better music teacher, you must know and love your instrument. Know the history of the instrument and how it works. The latest book on the teaching of music, Search from internet for interesting articles on the teaching of music, attend the relevant concert, observe good teaching practice, talking about teaching with other teachers, Always on the look for new ideas happy to adapt or change and taking a real pride in what you do. Encourage your pupils to listen carefully to tone quality and intonation.

Teaching the same thing in lots of different ways is to teach powerfully for example technical name. Encourage pupils to use their precious time in a truly musical way. Try to encourage pupils to write something down in every lesson and practice session. Teaching of the music tuneful, interesting, memorable. Rhythm and timing are very important in teaching of music.

Do not give up on your student and bring out anything new in your students.

Every child desires the best connect with your student and understand their self-esteems.
As an educator there is a need for us to go the extra mile and give our best.

As a teacher there’s a paradigm shift we need to become familiar with. New gadgets, for example Zoom, Team, Google classroom, Garage band and promoting digital migration in our classroom. Teaching is about touching pupil’s heart and soul. As a teacher we should allow our Students to explore their passion.
The progress of my student is very important to me.

Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi is a Historian, Scholar, Researcher, Writer, Music Educator and Organist.


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