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Fashion list is a very sensitive topic because fashion, like the lines on our palms, is different and individualistic. However, based on the content and looks these artists have put out over the years, we have created a list of the best dressed Nigerian male singers.

If you disagree with this list, all good, let us hear your grievances in the comment section below.

7th place Techno

In the seventh place, we have placed Techno. He has calved out a fashion persona for himself. People say he’d have made a successful stylist, were he not a singer. Techno sure knows how to throw together a look!

6th place D’banj

The Koko master was and is a fashion legend. His drip, as they say, is eternal. Even without clothes, his body shouts fashion. D’banj passes as a supermodel. He was one of the models who walked the Africa Fashion International Week in South Africa, 2018. Anything on this man will look good, for he sure knows how to see a look without trying.

5th place Davido

The renounced O.B.O could have made the list even if he walked naked with his CR7 gold chain. Davido’s flashy dressing style and play with colours draws eyes on him. With his 30 Billion gang, it is difficult to go wrong, fashion wise.

4th place Timaya

Timaya rocks casual clothing’s and makes them look exquisite and expensive. His fresh fashion sense is beyond admiration. His social media pages are a testament to this. He knows how to pick outfits that flatter his body.

3rd place Kiss Daniel

Kiss Daniel is bold in his fashion and sure makes a statement with every outfit. One word describes this singer’s fashion sense: flamboyant. They said go big or go home, Kiss Daniel said, ‘Hold my beer.’

2nd place Wizkid

Starboy’s drip is impossible to miss. Wizkid plays with labels and sometimes adds a few of his own. His carriage alone is fashionable. A star,true and true. Tell me about young and beautiful. He wears the simplest things and makes them look sleek.

1st place Burna Boy

The Odogwu of Africa and the world Burna Boy is undoubtedly the best dressed Nigerian male singer. Burna’s fashion is individualistic and the same time communal. He is a mighty force to reckon with. Every look this man pulls feels like a national movement. Like a lone star in the planet, he governs the world from his end. Burna Boy calls the tune and makes the world dance to it. He is revolutionary in his songs and fashion.

 Again, if you disagree with this list of the best dressed Nigerian male singer, all good, let us hear your grievances in the comment section below.

Featured Image Credit: FreshersLive


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