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To be a better singer, you must understand some of key ingredients to better singing. One of such is proper breathing technique.

Breathing is a very important part of singing. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be the fuel for singing. In other words, without good breath management, good singing will be almost impossible.

The tone we produce within when singing rest on a cushion of air. Thus, the breath is the fuel for the sound we produce. The more control you have over the air flow, the better control you will have over your singing tone.

Theoretically, there are two main parts of the body involved in singing. They are first the Head, which is used as the amplifier of the voice and secondary, the Breathing Muscles (the area under the rib cage), where the power of the voice comes from.

This breathing muscles is also known as the power house. As a precaution, the art of good singing requires that the breathing muscles and the head must be relaxed and free as possible from muscular tension.

Literally, Breathing is taking air into the lungs and pushing it out again. In singing, you must understand that Breathing goes beyond that. Breathing is a movement – movement of air, of muscles and organs and of energy. Therefore, for a healthy voice, there must be free movement of the singer’s vocal folds. This isn’t possible without a good breathing technique.


In our everyday life, the common breathing technique among singers is the clavicular or chest breathing. This type of breathing is not good for the art of singing. This is because, it doesn’t allow you to take in enough breath into the lungs to sustain your singing over a lengthy period of time.

In singing, you will need to fill in the lungs with enough air, to be able to allow you sing well and in order to do this, you wont need the chest breathing; rather, you will need to use the Diaphragmatic breathing technique (which is the appropriate breathing method for singing).


It is sad that some singers still use the chest breathing more often than the diaphragmatic breathing method.

Take note of this; If when you sing, you can see your chest and shoulder going up, be rest assured that you are using the chest or shallow breathing.

It is very important that as a singer, you practice good breathing techniques and control. When you do this, it will help and enhance your tone production and great tone quality.

Remember, singers are vocal athletes and must learn to be expert breathers. When you have proper breathing, it will help to boost your confidence as a singer.

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