Congratulations are in order to the 30 musicians who have scaled through the rigorous Audition and examination of the MUSON/ MTN Foundation Diploma Scholarship to study music for the next two years. These musicians are now the 2021/2022 MUSON MTNF Diploma Scholars.

The tuition for the MUSON MTNF Diploma program is sponsored in full by the generous MTN Foundation which has been in partnership with MUSON, the Musical Society of Nigeria, to produce world class musician for the past 13years. 

The rigor these successful 30 scaled through include: a prerequisite of a minimum grade 5 in music theory and respective practical; an entrance examination in music theory, music history, and general musicianship; and lastly, a standard audition before the distinguished panel that includes Princess Banke Ademola, the director diploma school of music, Mr Emeka Nwokedi, the deputy director, diploma school of music and director, Basic school of music, other voice teachers and heads of various practical department including Mr Kenny, head of strings and M J Salau, head of brass and percussion. 

The MUSON diploma school of music is a full time music school (mon-fri, 8am-6pm). These lots will be trained in areas as: music theory, aural and sight reading, music history, African music, various majors and minors, class and studio method, music technology, major European language for voice students, piano technology and repair, vocal ensemble, opera, orchestra, and band. 


Again, we say congratulations to the new 30. May your days at MUSON be full as a properly supported singing voice and may your two years be fruitful, fulfilling and grand like a 13th chord!

If you wish to apply next year but don’t have the required grade 5 or don’t even know about the MUSON graded exam or how to go about the process, send a DM to Hanoclefs on Instagram @hanoclefs or shoot an email 


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