did you know?


…That overworking your voice can be very dangerous and disastrous?

Yes, it is. How much your voice can actually take is determined by the thickness of your vocal cords and can be discovered by experimentation.

And Yes, it is possible to have great vocal technique and strength and still tire out your voice.

As a singer, I recommend you do a cycle of thirty minutes with a ten minutes of rest for a start, to relax your voice and free it from tension.

#DidYouKnow….that the ‘thinner your voice’, the more rest you need to bounce back?

Remember singers are vocal athletes and just like them, you also need to rest and live healthy life to have a fantastic voice.


…That you can develop vocal dysfunctions from stress? So very true!

One of the worst singers’ nightmare is, just when you need that voice so much but can’t seem to find it. This can be really frustrating. Stress can be a key contributor to this.

As a singer, you must know that serious problems in our personal life can have adverse effects on our voice and singing. Your voice is obviously going to work well when your body and mind is in good mental, psychological and physiological shape.

So live a healthy and stress free life and you can be rest assured that you are on you way to becoming a great singer.

#DidYouKnow……that exercises can help reduce your stress level? So, exercise daily and sleep well.


…That consistency comes with time and practice?

You want to be a great singer and you want your voice to be outstanding, then you got to be ready to pay the price – Practice, practice, and practice. They are no better prescriptions out there than practice.


Becoming a virtuoso or maestro doesn’t just happen. It comes with time, commitment, dedication and practice. Not forgetting also, get trained. These are important factors to becoming a great singer.


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