Hymnodia Season 2 winner Ediomo

Ediomo Akpan, Hymntestant number 9 is the winner Hymnodia Season 2! Yes, you heard right, Ediomo is the winner of Hymnodia Season 2.

Nicknamed The Puppet Master, Ediomo edged the other finalists in the last ‘battlenodia’ to cling the ultimate prize of the highly coveted Asaph. The victory was announced as Hymnodia Season 2 ended with The Hymncert on Thursday 10th September 2020. You would recall that Kenneth Ekhuemelo was winner of Hymnodia Season 1.

Hymnodia Season 2 started on Sunday March 8 2020 with 15 hymntestants (contestants) vying for the ultimate crown of who the ultimate Hymnodia is. It ended on 10th September 2020 with the Hymncert.

Hymnodia Season 2 Hymncert

The Hymnodia Reality TV Show is usually wrapped up with a concert called the Hymncert. The Hymnodia Season 2 Hymncert was held on Thursday 10th September 2020. Going into the final round (Stanza 12) alongside Ediomo were Yinka, Frank, Duke and Json. He is known to Will it be Ediomo, who while comical yet excellently delivers at all time? Ediomo is famous for putting his style into every performance and Charming his way through.

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Result of Hymnodia Season 2 Stanza 12

After 12 stanzas, the top 5 hymntestants were Ediomo, Frank, Json, Duke and Yinka. Json eventually lost out to Yinka in the battlenodia excluding him from the final 4 hymntestants – Ediomo, Yinka, Frank and Duke.

Hymnodia Season 2 Third Runner up

The 3rd runner up of Hymnodia Season 2 is Frank.

Hymnodia Season 2 Second Runner Up

The Second runner up of Hymnodia Season 2 is Yinka.

Hymnodia Season 2 First Runner Up

The Second runner up of Hymnodia Season 2 is Duke

Winner of Hymnodia Season 2

The winner of Hymnodia Season 2 is Ediomo Akpan.

Hymnodia Season 2 Winner’s Prize

As winner of Hymnodia Season 2, Ediomo will go home with the Asaph, N5million cash prize and a brand new car.

Ediomo Akpan’s Hymnodia Season 2 Trail

According to Ben Ogbeiwi, Ediomo came into Hymnodia Season 2 as an underdog. The puppet master eventually came out as the ultimate Hymndian.

Ediomo is a tenor singer. He has a unique blend of tenor, “sweet” tone and with the ability to blend both classical and contemporary music. He has a dramatic voice coupled with his usual comical yet excellent delivery in all his performances.

During Hymnodia Season 2, Ediomo was never put on probation throughout the show. He also got best performance award in two stanzas. During the Hymncert, Ediomo was the first to be called into the top three.

Ediomo’s performance at the Hymncert was nothing short of his usual comical yet excellent top notch delivery. He was “sure to win” according to his last verse of his hymn. His performance was just unbeatable!


Ediomo Akpan is a prolific musician who refers to himself as a ‘church boy’. Soft spoken and self-effacing, his quiet mien belies the voice strength he carries when he starts to sing.

A graduate of the ABRSM Advanced Chorale Singing program, Ediomo has sung in several choirs over the past 9 years. Ediomo is a pseudo-polyglot, he speaks English, Spanish and his native language Annang. He is an Akwa Ibom-born, Lagos-bred soloist with proficiency on the classical flute. He is a chorister at the House On The Rock Church, Lekki, Lagos. His favourite hymn is A Mighty Fortress is our God. Ediomo is Tenor.

Congratulations to Ediomo Akpan on his victory as winner of Hymnodia Season 2 2020.

Music Estate congratulates Hymnodia Producers Mr. Kufre Ekanem and Mrs. Ezinne Ekanem for the successful completion of Hymnodia Season 2.

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Hymnodia is the first ever entertainment reality show created around worship and hymns. Hymnodia is a triple-E (entertainment, edification and education) platform created around the celebration and understanding of hymns in worship. Hymnodia is designed to reignite the culture of hymn writing and singing. The show first premiered in 2019 with its maiden season 1.


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