I know this is a trying time for the whole world. I believe we will pass through this and come out stronger. Have you ever seen an old woman sing beautifully and have you secretly or publicly admired her?

She is singing beautifully because over the years she has maintained her voice.

This article will discuss eleven singing tips to help to maintain your singing voice for a Life Time.

For the past few days, I had been receiving calls from a few vocalists. They have been so scared for the health of their singing voice. Some of them had developed sore throat and afraid of what they can do to heal their voice. Some vocalist also complained of experiencing pain in throat after singing. I had also had the case of a vocalist who discovered nodes in her voice. All these sad stories can be avoided and controlled when you learn proper tips in maintaining your voice.

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Maintaining your voice is very important. Just as you need to maintain your valuable assets. So do you to your voice. See your voice as your instrument and guard against any thing that might pose harm to it.


In order to maintain your singing voice, here are things you can do:

1. Stay hydrated

Endeavor to drink a lot of water. This helps to keep your throat and vocal cords refreshed and healthy enough to resonate your voice. Note that you are expected to take room temperature water not hot water or cold water.

2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks and cigarettes

These drinks keeps you dehydrated. Nevertheless if you must take them endeavor to increase your level of water intake.

3. Have a daily routine for your vocal exercises

Good Musicians are disciplined persons. To be a good singer you have to be disciplined in doing several vocal exercises ,warm ups ,warm downs and vocal workouts. These will help you ready for the next song, strengthen your cord and build your technique.

4. Apply your breathing technique to your Speaking Voice

This will help you not to lose your voice while speaking. Some singers lose their voice by speaking a lot. In order to avoid this. Apply the exercise you use in building your breath while singing and the exercise used to avoid throaty singing. Use these exercises to help your voice generally.

To use breath exercises to speak watch the video;

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5. Avoid screaming or whispering

A whisper makes your vocal cords to close and screaming is a vocal abuse. Avoid these things and you will always have your voice refreshed without pain. If in cases you can’t help but scream or whisper. Please try your best not to repeat again.

6. Avoid coughing, scratching the note or clearing the throat

These actions scratch the vocal cords hurting it and causing pain to your vocal folds. Try your best to avoid clearing your throat or coughing. Rather do the exercises in video below. Use these exercises to clear your voice. It could be in form of lip trills/bubble or humming. See video:

7. Good posture and Body support

Good posture enables you to sing properly without hurting the vocal cords. It enables you to breathe properly. Project confidence and sing without stress. Good posture includes a down and relaxed shoulder, stable chest , slightly bent knees.

8. Don’t imitate other singers

In the process of imitating other singers you might develop bad techniques which are not helpful to the voice. Rather try to score the song using a music sheet or extracting the melody from the lyrics.

9. Get a good voice teacher or vocal coach

Get someone to listen to you. To correct bad singing techniques you might have learnt over time.

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10. Sing everyday

Don’t let a day pass without singing or vocalizing . At least 30 minutes a day.

11. Vocal rest

Rest the voice when you feel you have stressed your voice for too long. Also rest your voice once in a while. You rest your voice by talking only when it is necessary to talk and refrain from using the voice for a while.

Maintaining the voice makes you a ready vocalist. Day in day out.

Drop your questions and comments below, let’s see how you have been able to maintain your voice too.

Hope you have learnt how to maintain the health of your singing voice? Drop your comment below.

  1. Tessy 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip ma, really helpful

  2. Chacha Vocals 3 years ago

    Well said. Thanks so much. Very helpful.

  3. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    Thanks ma. Very insightful!

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  5. John Judith 1 year ago

    Thanks, such a nice tip!

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