exercise 4 of c. l. hanon exercise

The exercise 4 of the C. L. Hanon piano exercises series is now available.

Thanks to virtuoso pianist Ezekiel Babalola for this series. As always, the complete series of 60 piano exercises from C. L. Hanon is being hosted in our Pianist Group here in our music community.

This exercise 4 focuses on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers on both hands. of first and second exercises. The focus of exercise 3 is on how to combine the Strength and Stretch of the Fourth and Fifth Finger as a pianist.

To access the video, you are required to join the Pianist Group here on our platform. Register or Sign in to join the Pianist Group Now.

Here is a clip of the video exercise 4. The full video is available in the Pianist Group.

Join our PIANIST GROUP to get the full video.


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