5 Questions & A Game - Marvellous Oliver

I want to introduce our special series: the Five Questions and a Game Series with musicians far and wide. This series promises to be a fun read for you, our beloved readers. In every episode, I shall chat with these artists, asking questions I think we all can all learn from. At the end of the serious talks, we shall play a fun game. This series is not only for entertainment but for also education and edification.

Now, I bring you the first episode in this series. Sit back and read my chat with the sensational saxophonist, Marvellous Oliver. This chat occurred over Meta’s most widely used direct messaging application: WhatsApp, at about 1:20 pm on Friday, 12th of November, 2021. I laughed a couple of times during our chat, and I know you will crack up too. Don’t let me hold you, just read away.

John: Good day Mr Marvellous, how are you doing today Sir?

Marvellous: I’m fine and you?

John: I’m well, thank you. We know you as one of Nigeria’s finest saxophonists who is young, and as a bonus, handsome too. Can you introduce yourself more to our readers? Let’s get to know MarvelSax better.

Marvellous: My name is Marvellous Oliver Aka MarvelMusic, I’m from Delta state, and I am a versatile musician known for my sonorous tonality and dexterous ability on the saxophone.

John: No one could have said it better. So tell us, what motivated you into music? Why music and why the saxophone?

Marvellous: Well, I loved music since I was a child, I learnt to play different instruments but when I was given the saxophone I knew it was the end from moving from one instrument to another, I got a good sound few months playing as a beginner. In all, compliments from people motivated me into music, the sound of each instrument I came across while growing up motivated me into music.

John: Wow, we love a multi-instrumentalist. Who are your mentors, if you have any, and how did you meet them? This could be musical or spiritual, whichever. Or both!

Marvellous: Yeah I have a lot of role models and I have just one mentor at the moment which is my Pastor who is also a Musician, Nathaniel Bassey. I was led to serve in the church which he Pastors, to learn and grow in the different aspects of my life. For those who need to meet their mentors, “you gain access through service” reflect on that word. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be with a mentor physically before he mentors you. We are in a global world of technology, mentors have books, mentors have social media accounts where they post from time to time. As an upcoming musician, it is necessary you follow up on them and learn as you grow.

John: Wow, wise words. Our 3rd question is this. Is music your major career or side hustle? Do you do anything aside from music?

Marvellous: Major career and a serious business. I don’t do anything aside from music

John: I love the tenacity in this answer. Most people see music as less of a carrier. But I believe otherwise and I’m glad you have the same opinion. Our 4th question is, where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? In 2024, what is the brand Marvelmusic like?

 Marvellous: First of all, I see myself being global in the music industry, I see my music and books all over the world. Marvelmusic is a registered music company as the years unfold our concept and ideas will hit the limelight.

John: Great stuff. Last question. Any public performance or concert coming up?

Marvellous: My first album and album launch concert is coming up next year, watch out for us, by God’s grace.

John: Amen and amen. To say goodbye, we play a game with our artists. It’s This-or-That and Why. We will give you two options, you must choose one and tell us why you made the choice. Are you ready?

Marvellous: Yes I am

John: A car or a fridge? You can only have one all your life.

Marvellous: A car. When I marry, my wife can buy the fridge and own it.

John: Haha wise man. Tiktok or Instagram, and why?

Marvellous: Instagram. Instagram is a priority for creatives in the world at the moment. Tiktok is still coming up.

John: Business mind. The next one is tricky, so think well. Would you rather be drunk to stupor for 24hours, or run mad for 1hour?

Marvellous: You know I’m a Christian the Bible says in all things let your moderation be made known. I can’t drink. At the same time, I can’t lose my mind because I have the mind of Christ.

John: I’d let that slide. Now the penultimate: bad breath or body odour?

Marvellous: Now you have got me. I won’t choose any because l love cleanliness.

John: Haha you have to choose one in this last game. Last one: you’re on stage in the middle of a performance. Would you rather fart loudly or cough hard for 10seconds?

Marvellous: Cough for 10 seconds because I don’t play as an artist every time. I might be accompanying.

John: Wise man. Thank you for your time, Marvel music, from all of us at Music Estate, we wish you and your band well. Enjoy the rest of your day!

 Marvellous: Thanks for having me.

What a chat! I hope you got entertained and have learned a thing or two? Follow Marvellous Oliver on IG @_marvelmusic.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with these words “you gain access through service, reflect on that word.”


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