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This article on the common piano chords is for beginners, I mean absolute beginners.

Learning to play the piano can be challenging, especially as a beginner. Knowing what to play, how to play, and how to make great sounds especially when you get to listen to great pianist play, you begin to wonder how great pianist make such great sounds.

Well, the road to becoming a pro pianist begins with knowing the common piano chords on the piano and how to play them correctly. I will be listing out some common piano chords that would help you in your quest.

These chords are very easy for the beginner piano player to learn and make a song sound great. Also, using these basic chords will help you easily learn new chords fast while also allowing you make great music.

As you may have figured out, some chords on the piano are easier to play than others. For instance, it is easier to play the on the key of C (with no sharps and flat) than maybe on the key of F sharp. I remember starting with simple chords like C,  F,  G when I started learning to play the piano, so I suggest you do same then move up to others over time.

The major and minor chords are the most basic chords that can be played on the piano but for this article we shall be dealing with the major chords alone.


The major chords are the most common chords. The major chords are formed by playing the first, third and fifth notes in the major scale.

Simple Guide: Start by finding the root note of the major scale (that is, the note that the scale is named after).

Next, play up the C major scale until you get to the third note in the scale E then add the fifth notes to create the major chord.

If you want to play the C major chord you begin on the C note,

Once you learn this piano chords, you will be on you way to learning other basic chords.

Here are some easy basis chords for beginners.


Basic piano chords of key of C are C – F – G – A minor

Notes of C chord    — C  E  G

Notes of F chord    — F  A  C

The Notes of G chord    — G  B  D

Notes of A minor chord  — A  C  E


Basic piano chords in the key of D

D – G – A – B minor

Notes of D chord    — D  F#  A

Notes of G chord    — G  B  D

Notes of A chord     — A  C#  E

Notes of Bm chord  — B  D  F#


Basic piano chords in the key of F

F – Bb(flat) – C – D minor

Note of F chord   —- F  A  C

Notes of Bb chord — Bb  D  F

Notes of C chord —- C  E  G

Notes of Dm chord — D  F  A


Basic piano chords in the key of G

G – C – D – E minor

Notes of G chord —- G  B  D

Notes of C chord —– C  E  G

Notes of D chord —– D  F#  A

Notes of Em chord — E  G  B

Learning to play these common piano chords will give you a strong foundation that can be built upon. Drop your comments and questions on the next chords you want to learn about.

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