A young talented composer by the name Echie Isreal Uchenna has done something remarkable. 

This musicologist who studied sacred music at the Instituto Superior De Musica Sacra De Morelia, has composed an Oratorio titled David. 

This fresh work follows the life of Biblical David and his values, documented in musical language readable by the ears and heart. 

The oratorio, Uche tells us, was birthed during the 2020 covid-19 stay-at-home order by the federal government of Nigeria. 

“The oratorio DAVID is a product of 2020 sit at home order by the federal government during the covid19 pandemic” Uche writes. Tell me about making lemonades when life gives you bitter lemons! 

Mr Uche was motivated by his main character’s values and doggedness for justice. He writes: “I have written this Oratorio out of my love for this biblical character, David. His life tells the story of many in our world today. This Shepherd boy, who is a man after God’s own heart, rose from the pastures to the palace in Israel, and his  reign brought lasting peace to the kingdom of  Israel.

Also, taking a critical look at the early times of his life.  During the time of Saul as King who out of jealousy tries to kill David, the popular Shepherd and Musician, the young David did not give in to the moves and antics of oppression, suppression and even attempted murder even when he had the opportunity to kill Saul and his soldiers. He did not soil his hands with the blood of his enemies. Instead, he was focused on his course to liberate Israel.”

This fresh oratorio is set to premiere by 3:00pm, on Sunday, 3rd of October, 2021. Venue for this concert is Unilag Main Hall.

This ingenious work has an amazing cast of performers. The list includes: the delectable Genevieve Ogu, the lovely Uche Aghulor, the indefatigable Tunde Sosan, the incomparable Benneth Ogbewi, the list gets juicier! 

Tickets for David go for N2,000 regular, N5,000 VIP, and N20,000 VVIP. 

Grab a ticket at https://azach.ticktn.com or call 0803 806 5454.

We are rest assured of the musical integrity, historical accuracy and plot credibility of this Oratorio because this composer studied sacred music and has been a lecturer of Gregorian Chant for many years. Book a ticket, then grab your best person to go with, for this concert is about to shutdown Lagos! 

Short rehearsal clips from the mighty orchestra and wonderful soloist already left our mouths watering. It is such a feeling to hear an Oratorio composed in our time. Let’s hear the new Handel out. 

Apart from the entertainment element of this Oratorio, the audience will be treated to a social-civic enlightenment, because the plot shakes the idea of oppression and suppression. 

“(David, the oratorio) is based on this background of oppression, suppression and attempted murder. Oppression and suppression is seen virtually in all spheres of the society; politically, religiously, family, work and even among peers. At the international political space, we still see this at play. No justice in its real sense, what we see and experience is power at play.”

Where would you rather be on Sunday the 3rd of October? 


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