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There are a lot to know, consider and even put in place by every trumpet players in order to be a better trumpet player. How can you become a better trumpet player? What are the techniques and strategies to be a better trumpet player?

This article will highlight a little handful of points that will help every trumpet players to be efficiently and improve on their craft.


  • Practice your instrument regularly: do at least some practice every day to gain the flexibility need to become really expressive. In particular sing what you play, play what you sing and listen carefully to what you play, Try recording yourself from time to time so you can really listen to how you sound
  • Listen closely to recording and sing or play them back close study of a recording and direct imitation on an instrument or by singing the line is only way to work on your techniques and listen skills.
  • Get into a band with some friends. There is no better motivation to practice than to be playing regularly with others.
  • Find a teacher or mentor a critical friend is someone who really understand the style can save you a lot of trail and errors inspiring you and pointing you to the right direction.
  • Work regularly in your musical memory as you learn you will be continually involve in identifying absorbing reproducing and generally rhythms, melodies and chord sequence singing them to get them in your ear using them in structural improvisation.

– Louis ArmStrong

– Chet Baker

– Lee Morgan

King oliver

– Fats Navarro

Alison Balson

– Clifford Brown

– Miles Davis

– Art Farmer

– Donald Byrd

– Derek Watkins

– Arturo Sandoval

– Freddie Hubbard

– dizzy Gillespie

– Matnard Ferguson


What is practice – Central Purpose to progress – to solve problems to develop an broaden musically to think about music.

What makes you practice? There are a number of reasons while we practice? Tone Quality on your trumpet, flexibility and improve on your techniques

How do you evaluate effective practice a trumpet player

  • By Listen
  • Play with different dynamics
  • Learn from memory
  • Play with eyes closed
  • Improvise or compose other pieces using the same notes

Practice Strategies/Setting goals

  • The practices room
  • Practice content
  • Practice note book
  • Critical listening
  • Practice by repetition
  • Practice a short section but always make sure you know why you are repeating them
  • Practice using dotted rhythms for tricky passages.
  • Break up fast passages into small units.
  • Transpose section into different keys memory which test how well you really know a passage.

Try passages out on a different instrument (if you play more than one instruments)

  • Listen carefully and critically to everything you play.


The key to success in everything is to keep at it and never give up. Even if you are not playing at the level you want to, dedication to practice will soon pay off, Learn from players that are more experienced than you, try to imitate your Favourite. Performances and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Stay positive about what you are doing. Every great musician spends many hours practicing.

You can’t grow until you learn what you don’t know

Live is full of challenges stay and face it, why life is not easy for most of us is because we are not tough on ourselves it is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

Albert Einstein is reported to have stated, “Once you stop learning, you Start dying”

The fair of failure guarantee failure give you the opportunity to try a new approach


Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi is a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, a certified Cambridge Examiner for IGCSE Music, a part-time Music Teacher at the Muson School of Music, Head of Music at British International School, Victoria Island, Lagos and presently Director of Music / Choirmaster, St. James Anglican Church, Itire, Lagos. He holds Three (3) Masters Degree in Music Education, Music Theory and Composition and lastly Masters Degree Category, Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

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    This is great sir ,it’s really nice reading it and I really impimpaxt from this

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