Are you challenged with composing a piece of music? Composing a song or piece of music in any music genre can be a whole lot of work to someone who has never composed. As a beginner in song composition, you may not know where to start.

As a composer for the voice and several instrument. I have come to realize that compositions are born out of inspiration. Inspiration from God, from daily life activities and from our life’s experience and that of others.

Do you plan on having a latest release and an original song. Sometimes as a performer you get tired of performing a composers work but want to compose your own songs. You want to have a feel of what it is like to perform your composition.


Here are 10 steps to composing a song from the scratch.

1. Be inspired

Let something inspire you. Go out take a fresh air. Pray, Read a book, watch a movie, pick up a challenge. Let something inspire you.

2. Record Your Melody

Write down or record the melody that comes into your head. Some people after being inspired still do not get to hear or form a melody. If you are in that category. Then move to the next step.

3. Play around your instrument

You could use your piano, your voice or any instrument you relate with. I usually use my recorder or keyboard to play around. While doing so, endeavor to record or take notes of your creativity.

4. Put your melody in place

Check for plagiarism. Make sure you are not formulating someone’s composition. Make sure it solely belongs to you.

5. Harmony

Include the harmony to the song. This is where music theory comes in. If you have little or no knowledge on harmonizing a piece of music then you can leave out the Harmony parts not all songs use harmony.

6. Check out for song structure

There are several song structures. In subsequent topics we will discuss about song structures. This song structures can be arrangements of verse , chorus, bridge, refrain, pre -chorus. Choose how you want to arrange these elements.

7. Add your lyrics

Where the song is for the voice, Fix in the lyrics to the tune you have created. Some song writers. Write only the lyrics and ask a composer to fix in the tune. They have created. In Songs for African Languages, the lyrics is needed first before the music is added. This is in order to actualize a tonal balance of the words and songs.

8. Sing your song through

Your song needs to be pleasing and enjoyable to you. Sing it through and make any corrections. If you are still a beginner. Get a trust worthy and professional person to listen to your song and criticize your composition.

9. Record Your Song Officially in Music Notation

You can now officially record your song or write it into your preferred music notation for record purposes.

10. Perform your composition or get a performer to perform your work.

Congratulations you have just composed a song. Keep practicing and following these processes and in no distant time , you will become a pro.

Hope you now know the steps to take to compose a song? Drop your comment below.

  1. Uche 4 years ago


  2. Chacha Vocals 4 years ago

    Interesting article! Now I can compose that song I always wanted to. I know the way out now

  3. Grace Thomas 4 years ago

    Thanks ma’am! Let me share this.

  4. Edikan Benson 3 years ago

    Great article for anyone starting out newly on composing.

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