Promotion in the business world refers to the entire set of activities which communicate, a product, brand or service to its users.

So when we talk about music promotion, since the topic itself is but a branch in music business, we are talking about all the activities that are done in ensuring that a song is successfully heard by its audience.

To effectively promote your songs to your fanbase may involve some activities that may cost you some cash. There are people who are professional music promoters, they do it as business. With some cash you can get your songs on their platforms and to their audience depending on the package you opt in for with them. However if you are a new or an independent artist and you can’t afford to pay promoters, there are couple of things you can do.


Having ensured that your song is good and the production is topnotch, below are things you can do to effectively promote your songs to your fans.

1. Advertise Your Song

The role of advertisement in the business world is to create awareness of a product or brand even before it gets to the market. The reason for this is to create a market. Through the adverts, people become aware of the product and are in anticipation to have it, so when it arrives there’s already a market waiting for it.

By advertising your songs before they are released, you are creating an awareness for it so that when it comes people are already waiting for it. Now if you have good relationship with people they can also help you in doing this on their platforms also. Music Estate is committed to this and can help advertise your songs.

2. Upload Your Songs Online

Depending on whether you are a gospel singer or secular artist, there are different blogs and music stores you can upload your songs on. Some will require you to pay because they will also help you in promoting your songs. For independent and new artist who don’t have cash to pay, there are some blogs and music distribution companies which can help you upload your songs for free but they won’t promote it for you. You will do that. In another write-up I’ll be talking about different sites and distribution companies which can help you to upload and promote your songs. Music Estate does help with upload and promotion, which so ever suits you.

In this age, digital distribution is the way to go in properly distributing your songs to its audience all over the world. There are many distribution companies like I had earlier mentioned such as distrokid, songtradr, freemedigital, etc, all these will charge you for the services they’ll render but if you don’t have cash and still want you song online, try Amuse, you can download their app on the Play Store.

3. Share Your Songs

Once your songs are online and available, share the links on your social media platforms. Speak to friends to also help you share it on their social media platforms too. Since you had created awareness of it earlier, it will be easy for people to easily relate with it and download.

4. Speak With Other Artists/Musicians

Another way your songs can make wave is to speak with renowned musicians to help you share your songs if you have relationships with them. There are some people also who are influencers on social media, these people can also help you bring your songs to its new audience. I remember downloading a song because a producer which I respected so much shared it on his Facebook wall and said the song is good. I downloaded the song and loved it, as good as the song is, I wouldn’t have known about it if the producer didn’t share it. People may not trust you but if someone they trust recommends you they can transfer the trust to you, so speak to people to help you share the link on their platforms.

5. Facebook/Instagram Ads

Ads is also a way you can promote your songs. If you can set the ads well with the links of your songs on it you can get people to be aware of it. This in turn can also increase your downloads.

6. Music Video/Performance

People will always relate with what they see more than what they hear. There are many songs that I got to know and downloaded because I watched the music video or the performance of the song on TV or YouTube. So if you can’t do a music video because of its cost, you can always do a video recording of you performing it, some will get to know your songs through the videos.

7. Music Cover

Another way you can promote your songs is to speak to people to do a cover of it and upload it online. By doing so, people get to know your song through the interpretation given to it by others and by so doing, some will download your songs.

These are few ways to effectively promote your songs to your fanbase as an independent or new artiste. Am confident you would get some desired result if you try them out. Share and drop your comments below.

  1. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    Very informative. Thanks so much sir.

    • Author
      Adewale Ogunleye 3 years ago

      You are most welcome

  2. Uche 3 years ago

    Great insight. This is really useful.

  3. Emmanuel Godson 3 years ago

    Man. This is the real deal. Great insight bro👍

    • Author
      Adewale Ogunleye 3 years ago

      You are most welcome brother

  4. Edikan Benson 3 years ago

    Good article! So, this Amuse app, is there payment based on streaming/downloads as well on it?

  5. Author
    Adewale Ogunleye 3 years ago

    Amuse doesn’t charge you for uploading your song on Spotify, Amazon, etc, but your song most be approved before they can distribute it.

  6. Chacha Vocals 3 years ago

    Correct! Thanks so much sir!

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