Let’s have a chat on Vocal Health and Hygiene. As a singer, how do you maintain

I have come to realize that a lot of singers take their voice for granted, and this is becoming a concern. They do not maintain good vocal health and hygiene. For some, they are just not concerned about how to care for their singing voice. For others, they just do not know how to maintain their singing voice. A few others go about it the wrong way – swallowing egg, drinking raw egg or even chewing okra to maintain their voice. Let me clearly say that, the fact that you have an amazing voice doesn’t guarantee that voice would last forever, if not properly maintained.

I have always told singers this very important fact. Your instrument (the voice) is a very delicate one and must be treated with respect.

Listen, if you fail to properly maintain and care for that voice, I’m sorry in a few years time, you might be kissing goodbye to that once very amazing voice of yours (I’m sure you wouldn’t want that). Not just that alone, you may also be at risk of some vocal health related issues later.

So, in this article today, I will be sharing with you my top 5 ways of maintaining vocal hygiene.

But first, What is vocal hygiene anyway?

Simply put, Vocal hygiene is the practice of maintaining and caring for your instrument (the voice) both on and off stage.

A lot of times, singers are so much more focused on the music, songwriting, performance, etc which are also important, but they neglect the more important aspects maintaining their voice, which is even more paramount.

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Here’s my top 5 vocal hygiene. These tips will help on how to care for your singing voice. Enjoy!

1. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If your body is healthy, the voice is healthy. Ensuring you get enough sleep and maintaining a nutritious diet are both contributing factors to good vocal hygiene.

2. Commit to Overall hydration.

The vocal folds work much better, meaning you will fall into less trouble when they are moist. Hydration doesn’t mean chugging down huge amount of water the day of your performance or lesson. Rather, it is to be committed to daily intake of water to keep the vocal folds moist and hydrated at all times. Six to eight glasses of water per day is recommended to maintain a good vocal health.

3. Exercise your voice daily

Daily vocalizing sessions and warm ups are important to keep the voice alive. Remember when you don’t work out the voice folds, they become tired out. So keep them active daily. You may want to read this article on The Singing Voice 101.

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4. Work on your Speaking Voice

Now how you use your voice daily matters and tends towards a good vocal hygiene. Avoid speaking aggressively, shouting excessively or using the voice too much as this is most likely to fatigue the voice. I’m quite sure you don’t want that.

5. Take time to Rest

If you use your voice frequently through out the day in your occupation or for singing or public speaking, be sure to take time out of your day to rest.

Lastly, the process of keeping your voice healthy requires awareness and commitment and can be quite challenging. So start today in a little way to make small changes in keeping your vocal hygiene in check.

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Remember your instrument is your pride. No Voice, No Singer!

Let me know how this is helpful on the comment box below.

  1. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    Wow… Thanks mama! This is well needed

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