Spotify for artists masterclass

With the emergence of various digital online music streaming coupled with the era of independent music artistes as opposed to being signed up with a label, music artistes can now make money online with their music. This articles focuses on how musicians can make money on Spotify.

The all important subject of how artists can make money on Spotify was the focus in the Spotify for Artists Masterclass, Making Money on Spotify. At the virtual event, Camille Hearst, Head of Spotify for Artists, shared valuable insights on “renewed focus on artist monetization and building revenue streams for artists beyond royalties. She discussed the many ways for artists to monetize on Spotify today – merch, ticketing, and direct fan support – and previewed the exciting new products…” we’re testing to help artists connect with their biggest fans and generate additional revenue.

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In addition to Camille’s insights, Bryan Johnson, the Head of Artist & Industry Partnerships International at Spotify equally broke down the latest numbers on streaming royalties on Spotify.

Here is a video of the session on how to make money on Spotify.

Hope you are able to learn ways and how to make money on Spotify from this article. Drop your comments below.

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