Dear singers, today I would like to talk to you about how to overcome stage fright while singing, at performances, or during auditions.

I want to believe that at one point in our lives as singers we have encountered or been in this situation where we experience stage fright. Well I for once had to suffer this at my early singing life until I discovered some secrets to overcoming this great obstacle usually experienced by amateur singers.

Stage fright can particularly be a disaster if not worked on or dealt with, especially when you have an audition or a performance. Having suffered from this for so long I stumbled on this Seven(7) key secrets that helped me to overcome mine. That is what I will be sharing with you today.

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Try them and see how you begin to sing like a pro during performance and auditions.

Seven Steps To Overcoming Stage Fright.

1. Practice makes perfect.

The main reason some people suffer stage fright is the fear of making mistakes. But if you know the song inside out then anxiety should not really be a problem. So ensure you practice well. Choose a song you are comfortable with and which ofcourse, one which is not out of your vocal range (but, you could add a note out of your range to wow your audience, but be careful not to strain your vocal cords).

2. Warm up/rehearse regularly and on the day of performance to keep your voice fit.

The importance of vocal warm ups can not be overemphasized. It’s the key to a well balanced and long lasting voice. Vocal warm ups are powerful and essential to making our voice explicit and keeping the vocal cords intact for use.

3. On the day of the audition or performance.

Do not drink milk, as it can clogs your throat. Water is preferably, and remember to stay very much hydrated.

4. Before performance warm up and run through the song a few times, but be careful not to overdo it though, so you don’t strain your voice.

5. While performing look slightly above the head of the judges or audience to avoid nervousness, do not look into the eyes of people while singing (cos you just might not be able handle eye contacts properly. You sure will when you become a pro).

6. It’s OK to make mistakes while performing but don’t be hard on yourself when this happens. Take it easy and do not pay so much attention cause it most likely going to drive you to make more mistakes.
So when it comes accept and move on without people noticing. They might not even notice when you make a mistake so don’t think too much about it.

7. Have fun

As cliche as it may be, have fun with your singing. Enjoy the time. Remember, you are doing what you love, so put your heart into it.

Relax, get lost in the moment and enjoy yourself.

I hope this tips those help you.

Comment and ask your questions on the comment box. Would love to hear and get back to you.

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  1. Esther wilson 4 years ago

    Great. Lovely write up. Thanks ma’am! Learnt alot.

  2. Emmanuel Godson 4 years ago

    Great. Thanks 👍 Very helpful


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