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“I’m on a mission to rebuild the music teaching profession in Nigeria. I’m a passionate educator and gears towards the building of the music education in Nigeria”. There is a paradigm shift and revolution in education already on going. In view of this, all educator needs to unlock the potential in them. As a music teacher, if you are serious about learning there’s a need to look inward and position yourself as a 21st century music educator. This article will discuss how to position yourself as a 21st century music educator.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the most valuable nuggets to help music educators position themselves as a 21st century music educator. This will in turn enable them to secure their future as a 21st century music educator.


Since the emerge of technology, the shape of every profession is gradually moving digital. The educational sector is not left out of this new trend. The joy of learning is an interesting experience. From the era of oral communication to the era of written communication, the new order is now the use of technology in communicating with students. This new order has come to stay.

As a 21st music century educator, we should inspire students with good quotes and go beyond educating student and pay more attention.

“Since we live in age of innovation, a practical education must prepare a man for work that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined.”

Peter F. Drucker

Music Educators need to adapt themselves with the use of technology. The advantages of doing this is enormous. A 21st century music educator who utilizes technology in teaching will make learning to be relevant and engaging with students in the classroom. In addition, educators must have the ability to prepare students for the future and be a life long learner.

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How To Position Yourself As A 21st Century Music Educator

There is a need to address the following questions before an acceptable answers can be arrived on.

We must take advantage of technology to boost our teaching skills and embrace technology in our teaching.

In this modern world, l want to challenge music educators to be more inclusive and deploy basic skills of technology to make teaching fun by all means. The use of technology in teaching music can and should be used at all times. In today’s classroom, technology is has become a teaching aid.

Stop being busy as an educator and be productive.

Who is a 21st century music educator?

A 21st century music educator is first a learner. He/she is someone who learns and adapts his/her previous skills and knowledge as new technology emerges. This educator also understands how to use technology in delivering lessons to students.

What are the Roles of the 21st Century Music Educators?

A 21st century music educator is someone who have the student’s future at the heart of his/her job and ensures that no student gets left behind. Such educator’s ultimate goal is to prepare the students on what’s to come in the future.

21st Century Teaching Traits?

Anticipate future and plan for it. Prepare students for unknown based on current trends and technology. Enjoy acquiring new knowledges and are enthusiastic about new experience.

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How can one stand out as 21st century educators? Let the students drive the learning, Give room for feedback and have a class chat hub for students to post about the days learning. Integrate more movement into your classroom.

21st Century Skills for Music Educators

a. Learning skills: These includes Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication skills etc

b. Literacy skills: These includes Media literacy, information literacy, technology literacy, digital comprehensive skills etc

c. Life Skills: These includes Flexibility, Social skills, leadership, Productivity, global awareness etc

Prepare for future, Think about the future, Renew your mindset acquired new skills to remain relevant and have open minds for exchange of views and ideas. An educator must understand subject matter from the perspective of the students and communicate in a simple language.

A music educator must be vastly knowledgeable. Such educator must understand the subject matter from the perspective of the students and communicate in a simple language. An excellent educator will be more focused on answering students’ questions while ensuring understanding.

Create a memorable lessons care about your students success and engaged them in learning.

21st Century Music Tool for Music Educators

There are a handful of tools that can be used by music educators. Understanding and learning how to use these tools will help to position yourself as a 21st century music educator. The list of tools is inexhaustive. Here are a few of them.

1. Use of Music Notation Software. Musescore and Noteflight are two valuable tools when looking for music notation software.

2. Online Teaching using tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc

3. Website Surfing skills in searching for relevant information – searching for music resources on platforms like Music Estate will help music educators gather useful resources for teaching.

4. Online Learning tools – tools like Soundtrap will help both music teachers and students in achieving learning outcomes

5. Use online musi

Finally, one of the ways to position yourself as a music educator is to write a letter to a future of the students a letter that they cannot see.

Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi PhD(in view) is a seasoned music educator, Scholar, Historian, Prolific writer, Renowned researcher, Organist of repute and Choirmaster per excellence.

Hangout with Babs. Take control of your career and step into the next level of teaching skills with confidence by Position yourself as a 21st century music educator.


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