How to Prepare for a Preformance

Preparing for a performance, whether a musical/singing recital or theatrical production is a crucial process that can greatly influence the success of the event. But how do you prepare for a performance? The key to a stellar performance lies not only in talent but also in effective preparation. It is therefore important that musicians learn and understand the proper way to prepare for a performance.

As a performer, you are playing the role of an intermediary between the composer and the audience. This means, you are conveying the writer or composer’s message to the audience. This article will teach the fundamental tips on how to prepare for a performance. What you do before a performance as a musician matters a lot.


Here’s are some few tips on how to prepare for a performance and deliver your best results.

1. Define Your Objectives:

Before driving into preparing for your performance, understanding the purpose and goals of your performance is key. Whether it’s to entertain, inform or combination of this, knowing the goals will guide and give your performance a meaningful direction. This is a fundamental step in preparing for a performance.

2. Choose a Song/ Piece Suitable for your Voice Type or Instrument:

Another key step in your preparation for a performance is the choice of song. In selecting a song, ensure it’s suitable for your voice type or instrument. Also, take time to read about the composer or writer of the song/music piece, that way, you will have a better understanding of the composers intentions, what motivated him/her to compose or write the piece.

3. Rehearse Regularly and Learn Your Lines:

Consistent rehearsal is key to building confidence and familiarity with your song or music piece. Practice regularly to ensure you are comfortable with every aspect of the performance. This includes, learning melodic lines, body language, vocal techniques amongst others. A well rehearsed song will be a vital key on preparing for a performance.

4. Visualization Technique:

Mental preparation is as crucial as physical rehearsal. In preparing for a performance, ensure you visualize yourself successfully executing your performance. Imagine the venue, the audience and positive reactions. This mental rehearsal can help reduce anxiety and build confidence. Above all, have a positive mindset.

5. Do Regular Vocal Warm Ups:

As a singer, vocals warmups should be a part of your daily routine. No matter how short a time you allocate to it, make sure you don’t skips it. Doing regular warm ups prepares your voice for any performance and also enables you discover some unique qualities you possess.

6. Drink plenty of water and get enough rest:

Some singers are use to engaging in so many activities before their performance.
Learn to take adequate rest before any performance, no matter how little you think the performance is, when you stress the body it’s breaks down and if your body is stressed your voice is as well, Also keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water as much as you can. Also read HYDRATION AND IT’S IMPORTANCE

7. Do a mini performance before the major one for feedback:

If you’re the type of singer or performer who suffers from stage fright, you can start by singing or playing to a small audience (maybe your friends, colleagues, family or even I’m front of a mirror) Also try to do video recordings of yourself singing before the main performance. Watching yourself can help you notice somethings about your voice, posture, carriage and facial expressions.

8. Do Regular Body Exercise:

This helps increase your heart rate and makes you very active. Regular exercises helps your breath control and also keeps you in shape. Remember as a singer you need to look good.

9. Watch Your Diet:

Be mindful of unhealthy foods that can affect your voice especially when you have a performance coming. Some food and beverages are mucus producing foods like diary, stimulants such as caffeine and spicy foods, soft drinks, refined sugar, chocolate, iced drinks and alcohol. You should read this article on HOW TO MAINTAIN VOCAL HEALTH AND HYGIENE

it’s advised to take more fruits and vegetables with plenty of water before performance.

  1. Lastly, Prepare For the Unexpected:

No matter how well prepare you are, there’s always a chance or possibility that something unexpected may occur. Prepare for contingencies and mistakes, this will help you stay calm and focused during your performance.

In conclusion, put these tips on how to prepare for a performance into good use. I will like to remind you that as a performer, you are not only a special breed but also a gift to mankind. Make use of every good opportunity that comes your way and never stop learning.

There are so many things to learn and relearn so you have to be ready at all times. In the course of your singing journey, you will discover changes in your voice(some pleasant and others not) don’t worry, it takes patience and perseverance to achieve certain goals. Do not be discouraged, keep working and watch the dot gradually connect.


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