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Do you sing with confidence? perhaps you do…in the shower! Am sure you well know that, singing in the shower and singing in front of people are different things entirely? Having the confidence to stand before an audience, to sing with confidence and still maintaining your calm can be an Herculean task, especially for ‘young’ singers.

I had once struggled with this in my early stage of singing, and I’m sure most professional singers today also did same at some point in their career or ministry. I was able to pull through with some few tips which I will sharing with you.

Gaining confidence while singing is a process that requires regular practice and dedicated commitment.


Some of the tips that helped me are these;

  1. Get comfortable with your voice. No matter how your voice sounds, be comfortable with it. Love it, because it’s uniquely yours, and diligently master healthy singing techniques.
  2. Find your genre. Perhaps you have been singing contemporary, classicals or country but really have a jazz voice, you may have been misleading yourself since day one. Find out what works for you, get comfortable with it and stick to it. This will surely help you to gain confidence while singing
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice. You know the more you do something the more comfortable and better you get doing it. Practice healthy singing, practice good posture, practice good breathe management and control. Keep practicing and practicing, but stop when if your voice feels strained.
  4. Warm ups
    Warm up your voice daily. It helps to relax you and your voice just before singing. A great way to warm up the voice in every part of the range without staining the voice is the lip or tongue trills.

Check out my series on Vocal Warmup. It can become handy.

5. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
May I tell this, even professional too make mistakes. The only difference between them and amateurs is that they don’t let this stop them, they keep going when they slip up during a performance or ministration.

Let me shock you. Most of the time, the audience won’t recognize a mistake or won’t even remember it when you are done, unless the audience are all professional musicians.

6. Focus on your song not your audience

This is important. Get lost in the song and not your audience’s thought. Nail your song’s lyrics and the singing techniques no matter what the audience thinks of you. If you have to imagine the audience cheering for you, please do as this will greatly help to improve your confidence while singing.

7. Work with a professional

This is obviously the easiest way to boost your confidence. Get a professional vocal coach for guidance and skills development. Learning more skills will make you better. You can get that and much more if you have a vocal coach. If you can not afford a professional coach, joining a choir could be a palliative, although that also comes with its benefits.

Above all of these, the most important part of singing with confidence is, learning to have fun no matter what or who is watching or listening to you.

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