Is that once-burning desire to burn on your instrument starting to flicker or fade away? Are the hours you used to devote to practicing now in jeopardy of being traded in for hours in front of a TV set listening to news on Covid 19? Or maybe you’re still practicing, but progressing at a snail’s pace due to a serious lack in the enthusiasm department due to Covid-19 pandemic. Staying musically active and inspired during this Covid-19 era isnow a big issue for most musicians.

Although practicing takes discipline. Without passion, or at least a strong interest in the art it’s going to be difficult to stay musically active or even improving your skills. What will happen to musicians after covid-19 pandemic? You don’t want to probably find yourself rusty when all this is over and may not be able to go back to your musical life.

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So if you find yourself a bit burnt out this period fear not! Here are a list of things you can do which will almost certainly get you back and help you stay musically active and inspired to do more during this covid-19 period.

1. Limit time spent watching the the News on TV

Getting your mind off from the happenings around the world for a while will help trigger the feeling of going back to your instrument. Get off the TV, watch video tutorials, listen to your favorite singers, or watch your favorite musician videos. This will help you stay musically active and inspired.

2. Dig into the treasure trove –  the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Music Estate etc..

I defy you to produce the name of a single great musician whose music cannot be found on this bottomless ocean of free video content sharing platforms. And I’m not only talking about performances, but also instructional videos.

Get some materials that would help horn your skills. There are tons of them on the internet. Make use of them and get busy.

3. Join an online training program.

Due to the pandemic lots of people have gone digital. Thanks to fancy new technology, it’s now very possible to sit at the comfort of your home and sign up for an online study course. There are numerous offerings in your field of interest which provides an actual program of improvement with quality trainers.

4. Join an online forum or Facebook group

Connecting with your fellow music friends at this time will yield tremendous benefits after Covid-19. Joining music forums like Music Estate community of musicians, Facebook music groups and other music groups can be one of the most informative and inspirational things you can do. Join Music Estate on Facebook and Instagram to connect with other musicians.

5. Visit and Register on Top Music Websites Like Music Estate.

Well, if you’re reading this article, you must already have impeccable taste in music websites. It also means that you see the value of taking advantage of today’s fancy website to grab yourself some free musical information and inspiration. Rather than buying heaps of music books to read, this communities can supply needed materials. Music Estate got a social media platform where musicians can build their profile, connect, share ideas and grow with other musicians. To connect with other musicians, Click on Register and follow the instructions.

6. Pick up a good bio

Reading about the life and music of  legend can help you see the sometimes-blurry relationship between their “real life” and their music, giving their music a whole new dimension. And in seeing how their life affected their music, maybe you can find ways to incorporate your own life experience into your musical expression.

7. Set up an online live jam session or concert.

This is great way to keep you busy and help you keep your mind away from the reality of not having to attend concert, play or sing in a concert and having audience cheering for you. You can do a live concert in the comfort of your home or outside your house, for your neighbors and your online friends to enjoy. An amazing Opera singer Chantel L. Braziel recently organized a concert for her neighbors in her parking lots and it had everyone happy and the local TV airing it.

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8. Find some new places to practice.

Changing up where you practice can work wonders in igniting some new sparks in your relationship with your instrument. You can be like me who likes practising in my kitchen. Maybe you have a communal room in your apartment that sits unused most of the week. Or maybe just move to a different room in your house. You’ll hear your sound in a whole new light and your playing will take on new life that you may have not expected.

So, get to work. Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from being the best version of yourself. Be inspired to be much more.

Hope this helps. Drop your comments and questions on the comments box. Will be glad to get back to you.

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  1. Grace Thomas 4 years ago

    This is a well needed article. Thanks ma’am. Will definitely put this into action

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