Today I want to focus on an important aspect of a singer’s life – Hydration & It’s Importance.

In simple terms, hydration can be said to be a process of replacing lost water in the body.

This implies that a singer can get himself hydrated simply by drinking water or eating foods that have high water contents.

How does drinking water related to singing? Someone may ask.

Well, there are many important reasons to stay hydrated. This may basically be for improvement of general health; but for musicians, particularly singers/vocalists, hydration is much more than that. It is one of the key to successful vocal production. This is because;

  • Hydration helps our vocal folds limber.
  • It helps to maintain the protective muscosal lining on-the vocal folds which protects them from natural friction whenever we make a sound.

You know, most people believe they can hydrate their vocal cords immediately the moment they drink water. They adopt this quick fix method by drinking water when its time to sing. Well, that’s not how it works. For example if I finish a whole glass of water right now, it probably would take 20 to 30 minutes for that amount of water to go through my whole body system before it goes to my vocal cords. So, drinking water just before a performance doesn’t really guarantee that your vocal folds will be hydrated enough through your ministration/performance. So it implies that, staying hydrated isn’t about gulping down a bottle of water before performances. It should be more of a lifestyle as a singer.

So as singers you need to take extra precautions because your entire body is your instrument. With excess use, vocal folds can be easily damaged as they are made of extreme delicate tissues.

So my expert’s conclusion is that, to maintain and promote your singing voice, ensure you take six to eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and healthy.

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  1. […] Some singers are use to engaging in so many activities before their performance.Learn to take adequate rest before any performance, no matter how little you think the performance is, when you stress the body it’s breaks down and if your body is stressed your voice is as well, Also keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water as much as you can. Also read HYDRATION AND IT’S IMPORTANCE […]

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