Hymnodia Season 2 tv schedule

All is now set for the maiden live tv show of the Hymnodia season 2.

We bring you a run down of the TV schedule for the live TV show.

Starting Sunday 8th March 2020, Hymnodia Season 2 will start to beam on television stations across Nigeria.

The season 2 edition of the wholesome triple-E (Entertainment, Edification and Education) show which kicked off on 23rd February with its 15 Hymnodia hymntestants will be beamed on a screen near you.

Lagos TelevisionSunday 8.30pm, Wednesday 7.00pm
GiTV KadunaSunday 7.00pm, Wednesday 3.30pm
ABS Akwa and OnitshaSunday 1.30pm, Wednesday 2.30pm
AKBC UyoSunday 10.00pm, Wednesday 3.30pm
Kwara TVSunday 9.00pm, Wednesday 8.00pm
Benue TVSunday 4.00pm, Wednesday 3.30pm
Imo TVSunday 9.00pm, Wednesday 10.00pm
Delta TVSunday 10.00pm, Wednesday 2.30pm
X2DTVSunday 8.30pm, Wednesday 7.00pm
ITV AbujaSunday 10.00pm, Wednesday 3.30pm
Silverbird TV Network*Sunday 7.30pm, Wednesday 6.00pm
BCOS IbadanSunday 8.30pm, Wednesday 7.00pm
CRBC CalabarSunday 3.00pm, Thursday 5.00pm

From the live tv schedule released by Hymnodia, the show will be aired twice a week mostly Sundays and Wednesdays. There will be the Magazine show and Performance Show.

The first TV show will be aired on Sunday 8th March 2020. It will feature the very first performance by the Hymntestants in a “Trio In Faith and Courage” contest. Hymntestants will be grouped in 3s and expected to perform as a team. It promises to be great show.

We shall bring you all the details of the forthcoming Hymnodia season 2 live tv show here on Music Estate.


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