Hymnodia season 2 shut down

Hymnodia Season 2 will proceed on a mid-season break due to the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic currently raging around the globe. This means that the Hymnodia Season will shut down its house, the Hymnstitute as well as all its competitive components.

The decision to shut down Hymnodia’s Hymnstitute became necessary as the Nigerian President, Muhammad Buhari on Sunday 29th March 2020 announced the shut down of three States in the country. The decision would enforce total restrictions on all non-essential services in Lagos State, Abuja and Ogun State for 2 weeks.

This decision to temporary shut down Hymnodia season 2 was in compliance with government directives. It equally means that all the competitive components of Hymnodia which would include voting, live show performances, stanza challenges etc are all suspended pending the further directives from the government. You would recall that most musical events had shut down long before now. Hymnodia had also taken necessary precautions by limiting its last live show performance to only the hymntestants, faculty members and judges.


Well, as noted in the announcement, the shut down of the hymnstitute is not a permanent one. It is hoped that after the 2-week shut down of Lagos State elapsed, Hymnodia Season 2 will continue. Details of whether all hymntestants are to vacate the Hymnstitute was not given. It was however noted that, “Our remaining 12 hymntestants are safe and healthy. Our Judges and faculty too. “

Hopefully, we will resume soon once it is safe and approved to do so. Thank you.

Hymnodia season 2 happened to be the only currently running music event amidst the corona virus spread. You would recall the MUSON cancelled its Opera Concert and shut down MUSON Centre recently.

It is hoped that Hymnodia Season 2 will resume as soon as the current situation is under control.

  1. Uche 4 years ago

    necessary but pain step. So whats the implication really?

  2. Charity Thomas 4 years ago

    Very necessary step in the right direction. One cannot be too careful this period.

  3. […] recall that Hymnodia Season 2 opened registration on 1st January 2020. The show which was had to temporarily shut down due to Corona Virus outbreak. The Hymnodia Season 2 returned on 26th July 2020 to conclude its penultimate season. go on The […]

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