Hymnodia Season 2 Hymncert

The long wait for the who would win the highly coveted Asaph, a car and N5 million cash prize for the Hymnodia Season 2 is just around the corner. Hymnodia Season 2 will soon end with its closing concert called the Hymncert.

Hymnodia Season 2 Hymncert will hold on 10th September 2020. You would recall that Hymnodia Season 2 opened registration on 1st January 2020. The show which was had to temporarily shut down due to Corona Virus outbreak. The Hymnodia Season 2 returned on 26th July 2020 to conclude its penultimate season. go on The announcement for the the Hymnodia Hymncert was made on social media. is almost upon us

With the Hymncert on us, only five hymntestants out of twelve are left for the final battlenodia. There is no ticket sales this year.

We are obeying the rules of our new normal. So, go use your ticket monies to vote your faves. Voting lines are still open.

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The question that is on everyone thought right now is, who will win Hymnodia Season 2?

Will it be the ‘duke’ Duke who has always left an imposing mark on all his performances.

Will it be the highly experienced Frank who has a commanding stage presence? Frank has an excellent microphone control ability that allows the microphone pick only the best text of his voice from anywhere on the stage.

Will it be Ediomo, who while comical yet excellently delivers at all time? Ediomo is famous for putting his style into every performance and Charming his way through.

Will it be the ‘Queen’ Yinka? Yinka is a fighter. She is the only surviving female in the final battle. Known for not going down without a fight, she has come week in, week out, to convince everyone she is here to stay.

Will it be ‘Drama king’ Json? Json possess a Mixture of theatre, worship and hymns. He has a way of turning every of his performances into a story.

Here is the profile of all Hymnodia Season 2 Hymntestant.

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Due to restriction in the number of people at gatherings, there are no ticket sale for Hymnodia Season 2 Hymncert.

Worried about missing the grand finale of Hymnodia? The Hymncert will be streaming live on all our social media platforms on 10th September 2020

In place of ticket sale, fans are encouraged to vote for the favourite hymntestants in order to help them win the competition.

Drop your comments below.

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  1. […] to cling the ultimate prize of the highly coveted Asaph. The victory was announced as Hymnodia Season 2 ended with The Hymncert on Thursday 10th September 2020. You would recall that Kenneth Ekhuemelo was winner of Hymnodia […]

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