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Entry for Hymnodia season 2 has closed after 23 days of receiving entries for the second season of the hymn-based reality tv competition.

Registration for Hymnodia Season 2 opened on January 1st 2020 and finally closed on 23rd January 2020. A large number of entries were received in this season’s registration. From our investigations, over 560 entries were received within the 3 weeks period.

In a annoucement made available to the public, Hymnodia organizers announced closure of registration saying “Thank you for your interest and entries for hymnodia season 2. Please stay tuned for shortlist ahead of auditions.”


In an earlier message to contestants, the organizers assured contestants that the dates for the live audition show would be announced soon, in order that contestants are adequately prepared for the live audition. The message reads “as you await the Shortlist, please note that the Hymnodia Auditions will hold in LAGOS over a 2-day period. We will be announcing the dates in a bit to enable people plan and make arrangements on time.”


The audition date for Hymnodia live audition is now scheduled to hold on Friday 31st January, 2020 and Sunday 2nd February 2020 by 9am and 12noon respectively.

In a statement issued on Sunday 26th January 2020, Hymnodia announced that “the audition dates has been announced. Friday 31st January is your first date with the Judges and the Faculty. Note the audition schedule as we await the shortlist!”. The venue for the live audition will be communicated to only shortlisted candidates.

It is clear that the plans to begin season 2 live show is at top gear. Hymnodia had earlier announced job openings for the live show, an indication that the show will begin soon.

We look forward to a successful season 2. Good luck to all candidates.

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  1. […] Entries for the second season of the hymn-based reality tv program was recently closed and audition date announced. The most awaited shortlist was released on Tuesday 28th January 2020. The list contains successful contestants who had put in their one minute entry video on social media. […]

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