Inside Life by Versatile


Versatile whose real name is Alice Eze, is a fast rising music artist and song writer based in Lagos. She is a Pop and R&B singer whose ability to effortlessly deliver vocally and lyrically in any genre earned her the stage name Versatile.

Having grown up in a family of music lovers, her path was set when she joined the choir in 2009 where her talent in singing and knowledge in music, its interpretation, composition and teaching was discovered and she was made the Choir mistress in her second year. Upon graduation, she became the Choir mistress of her Parish Choir in 2014, and co-founded the Vox Dei Chorale the following year.

Her first feature as a recording artist was in 2019 with Triple K in the song “Get Out” which she co-wrote. Her debut single “Inside Life” was launched on July 4, 2020. Following the release of her debut single, she has gained the hearts of many and from her unique style and delivery, you can tell she has come to stay in the industry. She is currently working on her second single which will be launched September and will feature a popular Nigerian artist.


Inside Life is a song of hope. It comically highlights some of the challenges the common man faces and assures everyone struggling that there is hope.

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