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The Word Choir Games 2020 now rescheduled to 2021, was supposed to begin this July, no thanks to Covid 19 pandemic. However, the pandemic was not going to stop the Interkultur-sponsored choir event. Welcome to the Virtual Choir Games 2020.

As noted by Interkultur, “Over the past few months, we have been forced to do one thing in particular: find new ways and look for solutions. The postponement of the World Choir Games to 2021 was one of the first results, and in the meantime we have also found a solution for the period July 5-15 (the original dates of the World Choir Games 2020)…” The solution is the Virtual Choir Games 2020!

Covid 19 may have stopped the glamorous World Choir Games from holding but it could not stop musicians from singing. The Virtual Choir Games 2020 will present exciting opening and closing shows as well as highlights from past World Choir Games.

The World Choir Games, organized by Interkultur, is the biggest music event for singers globally. The 2020 edition was billed to host over 20,000 singers from 70 countries this July in Flanders. You would recall that more than 500 choirs had registered for the World Choir Games 2020 in Flanders. More than 40 of them come from the former WCG host country, South Africa. The World Choir Games is the platform to crown the best choir in the world, based on Interkultur rating.

The Virtual Choir Games will through out the period of the planned World Choir Games, present the colours, voices and emotions of the World Choir Games on screen, so that we can enjoy a little WCG atmosphere despite the actual games not holding this year.

Take a look at these videos.

Take a look at the pop/jazz categories below;

INTERKULTUR is the world’s leading organizer of international choir competitions and festivals since 1988. INTERKULTUR’s activities are not restricted to the organization of the World Choir Games, regional competitions and festivals, but also include the realization of continental events such as the European and Asian Choir Games. All participants experience the wonderful world of choral singing during these activities.

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