is teaching a rewarding experience

With the large pool of available professions out there, one question many seem to ask is, ‘is teaching a rewarding experience?’ The answer to this question is also a contention among many.

Music educators are not left out of this rhetoric.

Teaching is a wonderful gift I must say, specifically for me. It has become part of my routine and daily life.
A good teacher is not measured by his/her grammar in the classroom, but the outcome of the student put in their care. I have always loved to teach and produce the next incoming leaders in the country and that to me as been the best rewarding experience.


As a music teacher, one of the ways to discover and believe in yourself is by building and investing in your professional development. It is important that one develop competitive skills and master those skills to its peak. Ultimately, the skillset of a music educator will determine whether teaching is a rewarding profession or not.

Also in becoming a better teacher don’t be afraid to change the way you reason, Identify student strengths and help them to develop and build on those strengths and do not forget on modality to work out something positive on their weakness. You should know that Music provides a good way for the students to meet together and enjoy themselves, talk to friends, and celebrate with each other.

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My journey to research and reading has been a rewarding experience. I have come to realise the more I read, the more I know that learning and reading is a journey that has no end. I am honoured to be in this great noble profession of teaching. So Yes! Teaching is indeed a rewarding experience.

So how do you make teaching a rewarding experience for you? Simply put, start by understanding your valued as a teacher and celebrate your noble profession. Do not allow what people say about you to think and reshape your life. How do you look at yourself as a teacher? It will be so embarrassing looking down on yourself. Diversifying in teaching is also the bedrock of exceptional teachers. Music educators can have several streams of income. From institutional work to private classes, to remote job offerings, a music educator can manage multiple streams of income.

Nigerian teachers are very resilient with a lot of brilliant minds. Nigerian teachers has been in the forefront of this noble profession. One of such teachers is Mr. Olasunkanmi Opeifa. This brilliant scholar has represented Nigeria in global teachers competitions.

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As a teacher we should endeavour having synergy with the management and eradicate bullying in the school. Put a structure in place and have strong prefects and teachers that command respect. Having a system in a place that monitored the affairs of students will pay off.

The world is getting smaller due to technology let us continued to Keep in touch and get reconnected.Transform the future of teaching you have the power to impact the future generations.

In conclusion, teaching is about touching the students’ heart and soul. When this is done, it will easy to conclude that teaching is a rewarding experience.

Article by Shosanya Babatunde.

Shosanya Babatunde is a Choir Master and Organist. He holds M.A (Music Edu), M.A (Theory/Composition), B. Sc. (Hons), P.G.D.E (Music Edu), P.G.D.E. (NTI) Dip. Music, I.G.C.S.E Music Examiner.


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