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The ending of the year is the beginning of concerts, opera’s, and cantatas. A few have been held, and a whole lot are cooking. Among those almost done is the 1st of September concert by the Elite Vocals.

from Facebook

Elite Vocals will be performing Dan Forrest’s Jubilate Deo. This will be their second time the chorale will be performing Dan Forest’s work. The first (which doubled as the chorale’s maiden concert) was “Requiem”, held at Our Lady Mother of Perpetual Help, VI. It was a huge success and audiences where forced to their feet in ovation as the music glided to an end.

For the second time, Elite Vocals will be the first chorale group to premiere Dan Forest’s work in Africa. First time was with “Requiem”.

The concert will top its previous feet, so expect a mind blowing evening.

DATE: 1st September, 2019.

VENUE: McGovern Hall, St. Agnes Cath. Church, Maryland.

TIME: 4pm

See you there come first of next month. Yea?


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