Every desire to learn how to play G major on the violin? This tutorial by violinist Timothy Okorie (TimStrings) will teach you the how to play the G major in one minute.


how to play g major on the violin in one minute


To play a G scale on the violin, start by playing the lowest G on your violin (open G string). Then, ascend up in pitch and play the notes in consecutive order until you reach the next G on your instrument (third finger on the D string.) Next, descend down the scale and play each note again, but move backwards until you return to the lowest G (open G string) on your violin.

Most often learners make the mistake of not making the second and third finger touch each other this will lead to you sounding off. If you replay the video you would see the distance and spaces between my fingers, follow the steps slowly then increase tempo and enjoy running your G major scale.

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  1. Emmanuel Godson 3 years ago

    Amazing. Thanks sir Timothy

  2. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    This is nice. Welldone boss Timothy. This use to be my first love o. But I’m in love with the saxophone now 🤪🥰🎵

  3. Uche Mike 3 years ago

    Great, which we can get more of this here

  4. Grace Thomas 3 years ago

    Nice! Thanks!

  5. Chacha Vocals 3 years ago

    Lovely! Thanks!

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