Midori Samson

Midori Samson commissioned some African composers to compose works for the bassoon in 2018. The commissioned works can be heard at this link:

These African Composers includes Grace Bernard Oforka also known as Graciedion, Godwin Sadoh, Johnny Balongi, Njabulo Phungala, Job Ivan, Peter Nyabuto, Mohammed Dainkeh. These compositions were world premiered and performed by Midori Samson herself at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ever since then she has been promoting the music by performing it at her local TV at Madison, USA, Wincousin University,e.t.c


After the first set of commissions, she noticed that many bassoonists in the USA requested to purchase some of the commission works African composers. Midori decided to start a distribution program from her website where she would accept payment for the composed works and send directly to the composer. In which she will pay the composers directly guaranteeing 100% payment to the Composer .

She initiated this in order to ease burdens such as time consuming, distribution and costly international transfers that affect her collaborators and help everyone enjoy these beautiful compositions.

We all from Music Estate celebrate you and say a big ‘Thank you Midori Samson’ for all the good works you do for African Bassoon composers.

Click BUY NOW to buy works or read more.

MIDORI SAMSON is the Lecturer of Bassoon at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Principal Bassoonist of the Beloit-Janesville Symphony.

Midori is a former Fellow of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, a training program of the Chicago Symphony. She also previously performed as a bassoonist and contrabassoonist in the Chicago, Omaha, Madison, Charleston, and New World symphony orchestras, Japan’s Pacific Music Festival, New York String Orchestra, and National Orchestral Institute.

Midori acts as the USA-based distributor for music commissioned in the Bassoon Music from Africa project.

  1. Esther wilson 3 years ago

    Wow. This is beautiful. Thanks Midori Samson for this great initiative. It’s just want we need.

  2. raphael 3 years ago

    Great job Midori Samson for promoting, distributing and helping African composer to be recognized and paid.

  3. Grace 3 years ago

    Thank you so much Midori… You are a blessing to us all… God bless you

  4. […] audience. She was also commissioned among 7 African composers for a solo work performed by Midori Samson on the Project Bassoon for Africa at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The pieces she composed has since been performed by many other […]

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