Let’s talk about a very important but often neglected aspect of music – musicians and their mindset! Is music and mindset connected? well, lets see then.

To begin with, I have often heard singers and musicians say to me, “my music isn’t selling”, “I’m not making enough money”, “I never blow” and the likes. At such times, I often tell them same thing;

change your mindset.

As a musician, you must know that succeeding in music may be tough. Tough due to several reasons; First, because creating, recording, and performing music takes time and energy. Talented musicians should know that starting a business around music isn’t a walk in the park. It requires serious work.

Notwithstanding what your reasons are, you must know quite frankly that the successful musicians we see around all have one thing in common – the right mindset and grit to see it through.

If you’re struggling in your music career, it might not be because you don’t have the prerequisite skills… it could be your mindset. So do a check.

The brain is a complex organ, the most complex, in fact. It is saddening that most musicians, especially the struggling ones go through each day without giving their brains a task. Instead, they sit and ponder, often in confusion over irrelevant things.

There’s a strong link between what we believe and how we behave. This is especially important in music.


As a musician, you should know that practicing every day is essential to developing new skills or even improving old ones. If you allow bad habits to take control of you and lazy about all day, then you shouldn’t expect to be celebrated. Well it’s easier said than done, you would say but listen, the solution isn’t far-fetched. It starts by looking deep within your mind. Are you poised for success?

Have a change of mindset today. Act on what you believe, and see your dreams all come true.

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  1. Chioma 2 years ago

    Thanks for this ma’am

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