Music and Nature

Are you a musician(instrumentalist or singer) and you really want to improve yourself and be versatile? Then you need to read this…….Music is embedded in nature.

What is Nature? A dictionary rightly defines Nature as all the animals, plants, and other things in the world that are not made by people, and all the events and processes that are not caused by people.

Nature can also be interpreted to be the natural environment of people, animals, plants, etc.

Nature is said to be the most perfect creation of God because it was created by God and of course, whatever God does is always perfect.

Music can definitely be traced down to sound, without sounds there can’t be music which is why music is generally defined as the combination and arrangement of musical sounds in a manner which is pleasant to the human ear(and probably animals too).

So having explained what Nature and Music is, then, what is the Music In Nature?

Every creature of God has its specific unique sound which varies from others as well as every environment has sounds unique to that environment, these sounds which is predominant in a certain place is what originate the kind of music they do and the instruments. These instruments are made out of that environment to give the sounds which originate from that place, so if you check all the instruments in the world, you will notice they all came from a country, for a particular type of music, For Example, the talking drum is an instrument from the Yoruba culture of Nigerian and it’s used mostly in fuji and other Yoruba music.

These music which originate from these sources made up the different genres of music we now know. For example, Jazz music is said to originate from New Orleans, Salsa from Spain and Mexico, Raggae from Jamaica while gospel music is said to have come from Africa.

If you are a musician and you want to be versatile in different music genres, you have to go to the root of each genre in order to understand them. So how can you visit the root? You can by listening to the songs of these different genres. I was in a seminar and I advised the participants to do this:

Write down all the genres of music you probably know, download at least 10 of each genre and score them, if you do that you’ll definitely understand each genre and it will really broaden your knowledge and skill.


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