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Welcome to the month of February. Welcome to this month’s edition of our Musician of the month. We bring you no other but the queen of voice herself – Blessing DVoice Agu, our musician of the month.


1. Let’s meet you. Your name and background (education, family and career).

My name is Blessing Agu Ulunma (Blessingdvoice). I’m from Umunoha in Mbaitoli Local Governmant Area, Imo State but I was born and bred in Agbor, Delta State. I am the last child of my parents and I have five siblings an elder sister and four elder brothers. Attended Holy Infant international Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, then proceeded to the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where I obtained a Diploma and BA in Music. I am an opera singer, an actor, a vocal and dance instructor at Lekki British School and also a Lecturer at the Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

2. What genre of music do you do and why?

Classical Music. I started singing in the choir at a very young age. Having a Catholic background and a unique soprano voice gave rise to my love for classical music. The more I tried to learn how to read music, the more interesting it became.

3. What is the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?

The biggest problem I have had to overcome is the fear of making mistakes.  In other to be a better singer, I started taking voice lessons and had to unlearn the wrong singing techniques so as to learn the right techniques. I must say it has not been easy. I have had a lot of vocal challenges that affected my confidence until I realised no one was perfect and that all I needed was to keep developing myself regardless of my shortcomings.

4. What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

I enjoy singing on a big stage and having the ability to interpret different pieces. Ultimately, serving as an intermediary between the composer and the audience makes me feel special. On what I hate, I won’t say I particularly hate it. I dislike performing without rehearsals and having to deal with a poor sound system during performance.

5. If you could change anything in the industry what would be?

I would encourage more collaborations with other genres of music. Also, I would love to work with some movie producers and see a way classical music can be infused into our contemporary movies.

6. What drew you to the industry? Your motivation.

Singing in the choir gave rise to my love for music. Since I love singing, I decided to be better at it and make it my profession.

7. Who are you inspired by?

Rev. Sr Perpetual Ike gave me my first voice lessons. He made me realise how much I loved and wanted to be a professional musician.  She inspires me to a great extent.

8. What is an average day like for you?

My days are not always the same but some days, I have to wake up earlier than usual, do a one hour workout after my morning prayers, then do a thirty-minutes vocal warm up. I prepare and have breakfast then head to work.  After work, I attend meetings, rehearsals or sometimes go for private lessons.

9. What is your biggest achievement so far and what do you hope to achieve in the nearest future?

My biggest achievements are being the first winner and brand ambassador of Splash Heroes Competition, taking part in the Hymnodia Reality Show and also winning the best singer and actor at the campus classical competition. I hope to be one of the greatest opera singers in the near future.

10.  Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

I interact with my fans as though they are my friends, I try my best to accord everyone the respect they deserve.

11. What is your favourite part about this line of work? your least favourite? why?

As much as I love singing solos on stage, I also love acting. So my favourite part is opera, because I get to display my singing and acting skills.  I really don’t have a least favourite. I go with the flow and try my best to be versatile.

12. Have you dealt with performance anxiety?

Yes, on several occasions.

13. Have you ever had to deal with failure?

I don’t believe in failure. Everyone has the ability to try again and again. To me, failure is when we quit trying.

14. Tell me about your favourite performance venues.

I have performed at different venues, but I think my favourite is the stage at Don Moen’s concert in 2018 set by the ”SOUND HOUSE ENUGU”  also The MUSON Agip Recital Hall and the Shell Hall.

15. What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow your footstep?

We all have different callings. I will advise anyone who loves to do classical music to first attend a music school and make sure to have a personal coach (if you want to be a professional singer). Classical music is not easy and having a good voice is not enough. You need to build your voice. To do this, one requires hardwork, dedication, perseverance and constant rehearsal. Try not to compare your voice type with someone else’s voice. We all have our strength and unique voices. So, concentrating on building your strength and trying  to be the best in your area will help a great deal.

We sincerely believe you enjoyed every bit of our chat with our musician of the month Blessing Agu? Drop your comment below.

  1. JustSam 4 years ago

    Blessing Agu’s voice is simply refreshing and phenomenal; it’s simply one of the few good female voices I have heard live. She caught me in her performance of one of the toughest soprano arias: “Queen of the Night” by Mozart, and “Exultate Jubilate.” Those songs are replete with countless staccati, florid passages, and nuances. Indeed, singing them requires an excellent technique you can deliberately call on by the snap of a finger. Albeit not for every voice. Her coloratura is natural and genuine. But we look forward to the Best from you.

    Further, I admire her courage, hardwork, sheerness of strength and relentless determination for continuous self-development in not just music or singing, but also in general wellbeing, which essentially culminates in what she is today.

    She’s a living example of the famous quote: “Never quit trying, no matter how many times you fail” or “Keep trying until you succeed.”

    We all encourage you to keep up the good work ’cause continuous self-development is key.


    Samuel Onyejekwe.

  2. Uche 4 years ago

    Blessing is really good. Heard her a couple of times.

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  4. Dynamic Uju 3 years ago

    Blessing Agu the show stealer much respect. I admire your strength and peseverence. Keep up the good works my fellow super Lioness.

    Much love.

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