Dr Albert Oikelome

We are delighted to bring you another edition of our monthly Music Estate Musician of the Month. This edition which is the 7th, we had the rare privilege to host a musicologist and music icon, an Associate Professor of Music and Head of Department of Creative Arts of the University of Lagos, Dr. Albert Oikelome.

Enjoy our chat with our musician of the month Dr. Albert Oikelome.

Lets meet you sir. Your name and background (education, family, and career).

I am Albert Oikelome. I am an Associate Professor of music and Head, Department of Creative Arts University of Lagos. I had my Bachelors Degree in Music Education from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. I also obtained my Master’s and PhD degrees in African Musicology from the University of Ibadan. My area of expertise is on the conceptualisation of emerging popular music genres in Africa. This also involves the ethnographic and musicological inquisition into the functions of these genres and their unique position in the stream of world music.

What genre of music do you do and why?

I am an ethno-musicologist with a strong bias for African Musicology. Hence any genre that fits into the mould of African music (choral, popular, traditional, non-traditional, contemporary etc) fits my fancy.

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What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?

That would be giving music it’s pride of place in the Academia.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

Watching people make sweet music without inhibition gives me great joy. What I hate most is taking any musician for granted. No matter the level of performance, a musician deserves his pride of place.

If you could change anything in the industry, what would it be?

Make music a compulsory subject from the elementary to higher institution!

What drew you to the music industry? Your motivation.

My motivation is in the fulfillment and joy I get in making music. Also, am motivated by watching the glow on the faces of the people being ministered to.

What motivated you to go into music education? How lucrative is it?

Passion for the art. Music puts food on my table and makes me stand before both the kings and mean men.

What’s an average day like for you?

I wake up in the morning to say my prayers. Afterwards I do some exercises to keep fit. Then, I hit the road for work. My work at school (University of Lagos) include both academic and administrative duties. Seeing piles of letters to treat gives me the creeps! Then, having to see to both the heavy and mundane issues of the Department can be very daunting. But what I love most is leaving the office to teach both the undergraduate and postgraduate classes.

Please tell us about some of achievements and what you hope to achieve in the nearest future?

Apart from some fellowship awards in both local and international spheres, the major achievement in my ecstasy is seeing my products scattered across the globe doing what I have taught them to do best – make music! That we can see in both the education and entertainment industry.

Tell us about Alberto Signature and Bestspring Chorale

Alberto Signature is a music brand committed to expanding and sharing our wealth of experience in music and musical arts. It seeks to provide unique services in both Music, ministry and mentorship to the upcoming generation of music makers. Bestspring chorale is a choral group of men and women committed to singing all genes of choral music.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans/those who look up to you.

I set up mentoring programs both in my organisation and the social media to interact with my fans. I am very strong on the social media with a lot of following from young people. That is an avenue to further relate and teach young people.

What is your favourite part about this line of work? Your least favourite? Why?

Every part is favorable to me.

What will you attribute as the secret of your success as a renowned music professional?

God…. Great mentors…. And wonderful people like you that believe in what I do.

Have you ever had to deal with failure before?

Many times!

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Have a personal relationship with God. Get connected with good mentors. Don’t be a lone Ranger. Have a passion for the work you do. Do the best you can to leave a mark no matter how little. Brighten your little corner.

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What skills are important for every musician to possess?

Your musicianship is key. Be a specialist in at least one instrument. Managerial skills is equally important. Human relations is vital. And then character is ultimate.

What will it take to become a composer?

You must have a very good Knowledge of music theory, harmony and counterpoint. You should be crafted well in both analysis and styles of various composers.

How do you balance ministry, career and work life as a musician?

I don’t joke with family. That’s what you fall back on after being battered by the outward stress. As much as possible, I limit all work to the school, find time to unwind. Also, i make the best use of my vacation period.

Your advice to the younger generation of musicians.

Have a personal relationship with God. Get connected with good mentors. Don’t be a lone Ranger. Have a passion for the work you do. Do the best you can to leave a mark no matter how little. Brighten your little corner.

Hope you are inspired by our chat with our Musician of the Month Dr. Albert Oikelome? Drop your comments below.

  1. Uche 4 years ago

    Prof Albert! nice

  2. Chacha Vocals 4 years ago

    Yes!! That’s my big daddy! Very inspiring! Thanks for all you do in the music world! You’re indeed an icon!

  3. Thoxine rule 4 years ago

    Wow. This is great

  4. Congratulations!

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