Derick Davis Parkinson's disease

According to a BBC report, a man, Derick Davis who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease has been reported that, playing the piano has helped to slow Parkinson’s disease effects on his body.

The report alleged that Derick Davis, a 74 year old who was diagnosed with the disorder in 2008 “seems to be moving to a worse state at a slower rate than it would be otherwise”. This, it attributed to him finding relieve in playing the piano and “trying to have a positive attitude”.

It has been long known that music is therapy. It has however, not been proven that learning to play the piano can be so much a therapy that its effect can help mitigate the effects of disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Derick has progressed so much more than his doctors had predicted. The report also said he has written a song about his experiences in the hope it will inspire others coping with the disease. The Parkinson’s disease UK has equally responded that, Derick Davis’ case may not be regarded as a one-size-fit-all approach for all Parkinson diseases patient.

If this is anything to go by and playing piano is helping patients to cope with disorders like the Parkinson’s disease, then music is surely therapy. Congrats to Derick!


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