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Rules exist so that there can be some form of balance and orderliness in societies and communities. Even the Bible says where there is no rule, there is no sin. So rules are of the essence. However, when you enter the practice room of your school, conservatory, or that one in your house, I doubt there is a list of rules pasted somewhere to tell you what you should do and what you shouldn’t. This article focuses on practice room 10 commandments you must religiously adhere to as a musician.


As your music friend, I have helped to drawn out 10 commandments of the practice room. It includes what to do and what not to do.

  • Thou shalt not bring food into the practice room.

There is no bigger foodie than myself, but this rule is important and as such, comes first. Do not bring snacks or food into the practice room because you may potentially litter the practice room. Also, there’s a tendency to spend valuable practice time eating.

  • Thou shall make a working practice plan/timetable.

Don’t go into the practice room without a goal or working plan, else you will end up playing/singing one scale all semester. Now this is not a bad thing if you’re in for taking things nice and slow, but come on! One?

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  • Thou shalt keep water bottles away from the piano.

Singers, hold your ears. Do not be tempted to keep your bottle of water on the piano. Have a separate space dedicated for holding water.  So, you will make it a habit to keep your water bottle on the spot and never forget it near or on the piano. We don’t want to spoil the piano, do we?

  • In all you do, avoid sachet water in the practice room.

This is because you will be tempted to drink half and remain some water in the sachet. When you keep this down, no matter how safely you think you have kept it, I promise you it will leak out. Woe betides you if it leaks on the piano.

  • No two voice students should share a practice room.

This is going to be worse than a 3rd world war. Unless you are doing a duet, or working together. If you’re working separately, it is nice to use a separate room.

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  • Honor thine tutor and master.

Don’t be taught something else in the class and get into the PR to do something totally different. You will be countering the effort of your tutor and destroying whatever techniques they have helped you built. Unless you think they are teaching you nonsense. Why are they still your teacher, then?

  • Patience is a virtue; thou shalt marry her.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t watch a video of a performer on YouTube and immediately beat yourself to play/sing like them. Nothing worthwhile is built in seconds (but magic).

  • Descendants of Eve, don’t bring make up to the practice room.

If your PR has a wall mirror, ladies, don’t be tempted to bring in makeup and experiment with looks. Practice your damn music!

  • Repetition is thine best companion; embrace her.

Don’t get tired of repeating and replaying that phrase of music. In there lies perfection.

  • Thou shalt be modest, God is watching.

Finally, in the silence and solitude of the practice room, you might be tempted to do adult things. Slap yourself and ask WWJD, what will Jesus do? Sopranos and pianist, mezzos and baritones; God is watching you. Practice!

Do not be that student who goes into the practice room to waste their time. Great artists find a home in the practice room. Work hard, and I hope these 10 commandment of practice room help you maximize your time and practice well. Happy practicing!

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