pride and the church ministry

If you are a chorister, I can hear you chuckling, because you know! Pride is almost a factory setting in most church musicians, especially lead singers and instrumentalists. This article is focused on pride and the singing ministry of church music singers.

Now, there are several theories as to why this is, but I have mine. 

The popular one is that singing used to be Lucifer’s ministry and pride was one of the things that got him kicked out of Heaven. So, if anyone would sing in his ministry, it is just right that the person inherits this pride of his. This is why most ministers organize special revivals for their singing ministers to keep the devil at bay. 

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You must have heard the saying “if a ministry will scatter, the destruction will start from the choir.”

Now this is my own theory. The prideful nature of church musicians comes from the knowledge of the talent. You will notice that before a singer learns they have a nice voice, they are humble and respectful, but once their voice is polished or people start praising them, boom, pride sets in – shoulder pad begging to swell. 

When church musicians look at their counterparts in the secular world – pop especially – and they see how adored these artists are, they immediately translate this into the church and expect to be worshiped, too. (Especially when no other  person in the choir matches their talent.)

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How to overcome pride as a music minister

  1. Understand that your talent is for greater and higher glory.
  2. Ask yourself genuinely if you wish to serve God with your talent
  3. Pray, pray! Pray!!

Why do you think pride lurks in the choir and how can it be quelled? 


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