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Music Estate is first above everything, a music community. We bring together musicians from different locations to interact, connect and share ideas.

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We are a one-stop resource centre, where any and everything music can be sourced.

Our blog serves to meet the demand of proper music education with valuable resources in form of articles, videos, audio and other electronic meda.

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Music Training

We are passionate about music education.

Whether it is singing lessons, vocal improvement, music instrument training, studio sessions, or audio technology training, we pride ourselves as the ultimate solution to your music training needs. Join our long list of satisfied clients by booking a training session with us today.

Music Events

We promote all music events, paid or free on our platform.

Get the latest music events close to you or post your own music events.

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Music Jobs

Are you looking for a music job, full time or part time? We just might have that job for you here on Music Estate.

Music Estate act as a job board strictly for musicians.

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We are a one-stop music resources hub.

Looking for tutorials, music sheets or any music content for download? Check out our download page today.

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Social Media

Bridging the divides in the music industry is our objective.

We have provided a platform for interaction, networking, share, connection etc with other musicians.

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Music Estate

All you need to succeed as a musician in one platform.

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Our ultimate mission is to permanently disrupt the global music industry.

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Our training sessions are targeted at individual needs to help each client become the best.

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