Whether you are trying to audition for a spot in a reality TV show, popular band or an orchestra band, your challenges as a musician is the same. It is often about, how you can impress the judges or your audiences enough that they have no choice but to choose you. To ace an audition would require some deliberate steps.

To be candid, my very first audition didn’t go down too well to say the least. Lets say i was too naïve then or maybe I thought I was good enough. Well, I had to wait for another year to get my acts together in preparing and equipping myself for next edition since I wasn’t ready to go down the same path the second time. Guess what…I got the gig.

If I had to tell the secret of a successful audition, I’d say it went something like this.

10 Steps to Ace Music Audition

  1. Networking.
    Did I say I had to wait a year for my next audition? Yes, and you obviously know why. No one wanted me after that bad show the first time. I was good but I needed some fine tuning. Well, I had to prepare well first and then pulled a few strings on my networks, who still had faith in me and that was my break. Build your musical network. The wider and active your network is, the better your chances of hearing about that audition. As they say, no man is an island. Always play or sing at your best anywhere and everywhere, you never know who is watching you.
  2. Preparation.
    Learn your music, know your music. In an audition, there are most times no rules on what you are expected to play. If you are expected to do contemporary, classicals, jazz or whatever genre of music, ensure that you don’t forget to do thorough preparation. Make sure you get all your song scores intact and well arranged. Choose a piece that you know well and comfortable with. An audition is not a rehearsal ground. Avoid not to try to over impress by pushing yourself too hard, but express yourself and enjoy the moments.
  3. Flexibility
    Often times people gets carried away with so much excitement when they arrive for an audition. Once you enter the audition room you never really know what’s going to happen, so always remember to stay cool, collected and try as much to maintain a low profile. Remember, you’re not there to impress your fellow contestants. Talk less and listen more.
  4. Awareness of who you are auditioning for. Irrespective of what position you are auditioning for, do your research well about the group before you step into the room. Ask questions from those who have auditioned before at the same place, this will help you prepare adequately.
  5. Be professional always.
    In many key ways, an audition is like a job interview in different clothing – and a miniature performance as well – so treat it with all the professionalism it deserves. This starts from your clothing, hair style, posture and even your use of words. And never come late.
  6. Instrument selection.
    Make sure you go to the audition with a well tuned instrument that you know inside out. You wouldn’t want surprises.
  7. Dress the part.
    Your musical instrument isn’t the only thing that should look good when you audition. For better or worse, your overall appearance and vibes can make a big difference as how well you play or sing.
  8. Be hungry.
    Yes, be hungry…not for food actually, but for what you love to do – singing or playing. There are more than 100 talented musicians out there who can do what you can do, who also wants that spot. So when you walk into that room, it’s kill or be killed. Put your heart to it afterall, you are doing what you love.
  9. Be prepared for an oral test or sight reading.
    That feeling of turning up for an audition and realizing that you are to do an oral test when you haven’t done any in months is not a good feeling. So do well to prepare for it.

And finally…. Remember to smile and enjoy yourself…..

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