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Are you a singer? Do you feel trapped with this current Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged the world? Are you afraid that your chances of making money through live shows, never be given the privilege to sing before a large crowd of people and get paid for live shows. Now you don’t need to wait till you are invited for a show to get paid. All you need to do is to discover ways you can earn an income from singing while staying at home. This article will show you ten ways to make money from home as a singer.

Ten ways to make money at home as a singer

1. Register in a music forum like

Such forum helps you to get connected with other musicians from around the world. You can also get some music job opportunities and music events for a singer while staying at home.

2. Create an online course with what you already know.

While you stay at home, you can create online courses from which you can make money. Do not organize a course on singing when you do not understand good singing techniques. Create a course on what you already know e.g. you can create a course on how to get gigs as a singer. Or how I improved my singing. Such courses can be taught in Music Estate Online Music School, WhatsApp groups, Zoom or even Udemy at an affordable fee.

3. Upload and Stream your music online.

Create music and get people to stream and download your music. While your songs are streaming you will be getting income at the comfort of your home

4. Create YouTube videos

Create catchy videos of you singing beautifully. Upload on YouTube. Even though YouTube needs you to get up to a 100,000 to start making an income but it takes lots of patience.

5. Facebook and Instagram videos

Place your singing videos on your Facebook page and get a lot of people to listen to your singing. When you get lots of views , comments and likes. You stand the chance of having an advert placed on your video. This advert can generate lots of income for you.

6. Become a freelancer

Register on sites like In this sites you can advertise yourself as a singer. Producers would request for you to voice their production. Being a freelance singer makes it so easy to earn income at the comfort of your home.

7. Develop a music blog.

With a blog, you can write articles on your singing experiences and engage your fans. If you can generate good traffic be rest assured to be receiving income at home. You may look Music Estate Blog section, which is the ideal and number one music blog.

8. Sell your lyrics to producers and other singers.

You can write several songs and sell to your colleagues in the music industry. If you can also compose the melody it can also be an added advantage to you.

9. Engage in online singing competitions.

By partaking in these competition. You might be lucky enough to be declared the winner. This can help you gain more fans and more income.

10. Sell your music online

You can upload your music to Apple store,, Deezer,,e.t.c . These sites and more help promote and sell produced songs. You could be surprised the level of people buying your song. With these steps stated above. Hurry up and begin to get paid with your gift. A singer should never be broke.

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