Dear Singer,

Am back again. Hope you are getting set for some super ride here on Music Estate?. You’re in for something out of this world.

Today’s focus is about the art of singing. Yes, singing is an art…

Often time, people think singing is all about opening the mouth and making sounds (my hubby once had that assumption too). It sure goes beyond sound production from your mouth. Singing is actually an art. It is more than the sound. Its like the art of expression and communication, which involves emotions.

Brett Manning defines singing as sustained speech on pitch using the means of vibrator, dynamics and modes of interpretation to express colours of emotions.

Dear singer, since singing is an art, you should know that you are like an actor/actress, who is acting out the lines of what you are actually singing. Just like the actor/actress who performs on stage, who act according to scripts or role given them, you must likewise get connected to the character, thereby be able to express and interpret the role to your audience.

Singing becomes purposeless when your audience looses you in the process and when they cannot understand the emotional flow. You must get connected to the song you are singing. This is possible when you involve your emotions in the song, which essentially is what singing is all about – interpretation of emotions. When you understand and do this, your audience will be able to understand and get your message clearly.

As a singer, you should be able to express and interpret a particular song you want to sing. Your expression of emotion should be inline with the phrase of the particular song you are singing.

You are not just a singer. You are a minister. Yes a minister, with the responsibility to lead and direct your audience rightly and for them to get the message in your song. So the next time you pick up the mic to sing, have this in mind, singing is more than the sounds. Express yourself and pass the message.

I’d bet you wouldn’t want to miss my next article!


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