Last night at the MUSON graduation orchestra and band concert, a thought dropped in my mind. The thought of how the orchestra/band is a country. A peaceful one at that – did i say a first world nation?

Unlike Nigeria, this ‘Orchestra nation’ knows no corruption, it knows no prejudice. Unlike other first world nations, this country experiences no racism, or colourism. Every citizen (instrument), in its unique shape and sounds, is given equal rights and privileges.

All arms of government/ all tribes (woodwind, brass, percussion, and piano) work in harmony and blend like salt and water. One unit cannot be louder than the other, or faster. And not one instrument shines brighter than the other, for this is detrimental to the overall production of the country.

The president of this country is the conductor, who give directions from the heart. He is not a dictator. you can tell his soul is in his job by the electric moves he makes when the current of the orchestra is running at tempo agitato; by the way he slides like lazy wind in legato or largo paces; and they way he jerks like a danfo hurting abruptly when there is staccato in the piece. There are never two conductors. every order comes from one conductor at a time. No unhealthy rivalry.

There is never looting or fund misappropriation, for if a cheaper trumpet is bought, and the change there in is kidnapped, it will definitely be felt during performance. The band will have trumpeters sounding like hungry elephants.

These are lessons a country like Nigeria can learn from a county like the Orchestra.


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