Dear singers,

Do you want to improve your vocal strength, to sing better than you do now? Do you wish you had the voice of some of those A list artiste out there?

I want to tell you that the secrets are not that far fetched. You actually can!

Today I am launching a series of vocal/singing tips for the benefit of you, whether you are a solo artiste, singers/choir/groups. Whether you do contemporary, jazz, RnB, Gospel or classicals, this is still for you!

I will be giving insights and tips that are sure to improve your voice, vocal quality/strength and invariably make you a better singer. You will be glad to stay tuned as you are going to learn quite a handful from each series.

For a start, the tips will come weekly or twice weekly. As time goes, it will be more regular. All you need to do is to follow me.

You can follow me on TwitterFacebook or Instagram

Stay tuned for more details

  1. raphth 4 years ago

    Nice, music estate is up and running!

    • Music Director 4 years ago

      We are super excited to implement this vision. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out all the features in the coming weeks and months…

  2. G 4 years ago

    I love this… Very elaborate

  3. Mobolanle 4 years ago

    This is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work @ music estate. Congratulations to the beautiful Blessing Agu.

    • Abraham 4 years ago

      The categories listed here are different from the ones in the lsca website.

  4. JustSam 4 years ago

    Blessing Agu’s voice is simply refreshing and phenomenal; it’s simply one of the few good female voices I have heard live. She caught me in her performance of one of the toughest soprano arias: “Queen of the Night” by Mozart, and “Exultate Jubilate.” Those songs are replete with countless staccati, florid passages, and nuances. Indeed, singing them requires an excellent technique you can deliberately call on by the snap of a finger. Albeit not for every voice. Her coloratura is natural and genuine. But we look forward to the Best from you.

    Further, I admire her courage, hardwork, sheerness of strength and relentless determination for continuous self-development in not just music or singing, but also in general wellbeing, which essentially culminates in what she is today.

    She’s a living example of the famous quote: “Never quit trying, no matter how many times you fail” or “Keep trying until you succeed.”

    We all encourage you to keep up the good work ’cause continuous self-development is key.


    Samuel Onyejekwe.

  5. Bolu Tife 4 years ago

    Please when is this competition going to end

  6. Gbemisola 4 years ago

    This is laudable! I’m excited that someone acknowledges chairs! 🎤🎤

  7. Bidemi. How about harmony in composition?

  8. Chacha Vocals 3 years ago

    Wow! Thanks Sammyflow for this piece. Really insightful.

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